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CWG-Internet: Online Open Consultation (October 2017- January 2018)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Topic of discussion

Following the instructions of Council Resolution 1344 (Mod. 2015), the 2017 Session of ITU Council decided on 25 May 2017, upon request of the  ITU Council Working Group on International Internet-related Public Policy Issues (CWG-Internet), to hold an open consultation (online and physical) on the following topic

Bridging the Digital Gender Divide

CWG-Internet invites all stakeholders to submit contributions on achieving gender equality for Internet users, focusing on the following questions:

1. What approaches and examples of good practices are available to increase Internet access and digital literacy of women and girls, including in decision-making processes on Internet public policy?
2. What approaches and examples of good practices are available to promote the access and use of ICTs by SMEs in developing and least-developed countries, particularly those owned/managed by women, in order to achieve greater participation in the digital economy?
3. Which are the available sources and mechanisms for measuring women's participation in the digital economy with focus on SME's and micro-enterprises?
4. What measures/policies could be envisioned in order to foster the role of women as entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs, specifically in developing and least-developed countries?
5. What are the gaps in addressing these challenges? How can they be addressed and what is the role of governments?

Useful information and instructions

Information on the Online Open Consultation

Online Open Consultations are launched by the CWG-Internet and are held throughout the period between two successive CWG-Internet meetings. This process gives an opportunity to all stakeholders from all nations to express their views with regard to the topic(s) under discussion.
Responses to the questions of this round of Open Consultations can be submitted through the online form linked below, where you can also find more detailed guidelines on the submission process.

Information on the Physical Open Consultation

This Online Open Consultation will be followed by a Physical Open Consultation meeting, which will take place on 22 January 2018, at the ITU HQs, in Geneva, Switzerland. [Note: this meeting is conducted in English only]

Discussions during the physical consultation meeting will be based on the responses received during the online consultation process, which will be consolidated in a single document ("compilation document"), to be published ca. 2 weeks prior to the meeting on the ITU Website .

During the physical meeting, respondents to the online consultation will have the opportunity to present their submitted views and to have a fruitful discussion with the other participants, including Members of the CWG-Internet. For those not in the position to participate on site, remote participation is also available upon request, while completing the online registration form.

Physical Open Consultation Meeting (22 January 2018, 9:30-17:30 CET, ITU HQs, Geneva, Switzerland)

Meeting documents
1. Draft Agenda 
2. Compilation document 
3. Summary New!

Panel Session:


Marianne Bitar Karam, Director of MENA Operations & Lebanon Country Director, DOT 
Ann Rosenberg, Purpose Driven SVP & Global Head of SAP Next-Gen, SAP
Annaliese Williams, Acting Director, International Engagement, Department of Communications, Australia
Michael Best, Director, UNU-CS
Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Chief of Strategic Planning and Membership Department, ITU
Lia Kiessling, Senior Director, Strategic Communications, Internet Society
Anna Mori, Women and Trade Programme Officer, International Trade Centre (ITC)


Santiago Reyes-Borda, Senior Policy Advisor - International Telecommunications Policy, ‎Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Canada

Responses received during the Online Open Consultation:

Short Comments
Count= 52
HILL, Richard
I refer to the previous open consultation. There were many submission and an excellent discussion at ...
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Association for Proper Internet Governance9/28/2017 5:55 PM
HILL, Richard
I would like to propose the following topic for the next open consultation: "Dealing with the aspect ...
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Association for Proper Internet Governance9/28/2017 5:57 PM
HILL, Richard
The factors impede Internet access and digital literacy of women and girls are largely the factors t ...
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Association for Proper Internet Governance9/28/2017 6:23 PM
The questions posed in this consultation are not about “gender equality”. They are about improving a ...
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Independent10/3/2017 6:37 PM
Summary ...
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IT for Change10/11/2017 7:57 AM
Dear ITU CWG, Please, find an attachment to this comment. Thank you, Sir. ACHRAF SELLAM
View More. Universal Market10/11/2017 4:03 PM
HILL, Richard
In 1.2 of our submission of 28 September to this consultation, we proposed that ITU conduct a surv ...
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Association for Proper Internet Governance10/13/2017 10:14 AM
The Gender digital devide can be reduced by increasing access to affordable digital devices which ...
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Nakaseke Telecentre10/20/2017 6:45 AM
DOHA, Marthe Aurélie
I am a manger of Dig It, society of IT.
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Dig It10/26/2017 2:31 PM
My contribution is : Call on Governments, Private Sector, Media, Civil Society, and Internationa ...
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SHORT SUMMARY In 2017, the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society (MINTEL) establ ...
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Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society11/20/2017 10:05 PM
ALMANSOURY, LaialCITRA11/26/2017 9:59 AM
TREMOS, Dimosthenis
A comprehensive list of policies and actions initiated by the Greek General Secretariat for Gender E ...
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Ministry of Interior, General Secretariat for Gender Equality12/1/2017 10:09 AM
AHMED, elrashied
1- As an internet public policy: All of ICT stakeholders must work together to give women affordable ...
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National Telecommunications Corporation - NTC12/13/2017 10:12 AM
HILL, Richard
The attached statement is not a direct response to the questions posed in the present open consult ...
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Association for Proper Internet Governance12/13/2017 12:37 PM
SUTO, Timea
Speaking on behalf of businesses from all sectors and sizes in every part of the world, the Internat ...
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International Chamber of Commerce12/15/2017 2:28 PM
WANNER, Barbara
The U.S. Council for International Business (USCIB) appreciates the opportunity to participate in th ...
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U.S. Council fro International Business12/15/2017 5:22 PM
The enclosed comments are submitted on behalf of Sweden.
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Swedish Post and Telecom Authority12/21/2017 9:25 AM
MUSHTAQ, Muhammad Tahir
Please find attached the response from our side. We welcome any query in this regard to address and ...
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Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication12/21/2017 11:03 AM
TOMAR, Louisa
The primary obstacles to women’s access to the digital economy are the same as those preventing acce ...
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Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)12/21/2017 4:45 PM
LAZANSKI, Dominique
This GSMA Connected Women submission highlights the importance of accelerating digital inclusion for ...
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GSMA12/21/2017 5:17 PM
ALQUATI, Francesca
Question 1: What approaches and examples of good practices are available to increase Internet acce ...
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ACEVEDO, JudithMinistery of Popular Power of Universitary Education, Science and Tecnology12/22/2017 7:26 PM
COCCO, Roberta
In September 2016, the Mayor of Milan set up the office of Councillor for Digital Transformation and ...
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Comune di Milano12/23/2017 9:34 PM
FRANK, BirgitFederal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Developmnent (BMZ)12/27/2017 3:11 PM
ARGENTINO, Marc-AndreGlobal Affairs Canada12/29/2017 4:41 PM
RODRIGUES, Ivandro Peterson Alves
The General Space Affair Managment Office of Angola, give his contribution for this topic by submiti ...
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General Space Affair Managment Office1/3/2018 10:22 AM
ICANN is honoured to have the opportunity to take part in this important Open Consultation. It is al ...
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ICANN1/3/2018 4:58 PM
BRIDGING THE GENDER DIVIDE 1. INTRODUCTION This paper looks at the issues currently under consul ...
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Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe1/3/2018 10:50 PM
WILLIAMS, AnnalieseDepartment of Communications and the Arts1/4/2018 4:48 AM
HILL, Richard
We note that several of the contributions state the providing affordable access and security (includ ...
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Association for Proper Internet Governance1/4/2018 5:37 PM
The WSIS Coalition is an industry group representing major global ICT companies involved in many asp ...
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Access Partnership1/5/2018 3:17 AM
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ITU-APT Foundation of India1/5/2018 7:16 AM
WANG, Yapeng
The goal of SDG5 is "Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls". Currently, in most de ...
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CAICT1/5/2018 7:42 AM
JORGE, Sonia
Better broadband policies offer a clear path to improving women’s internet access and use, and to mo ...
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World Wide Web Foundation/Alliance for Affordable Internet1/5/2018 9:12 AM
CORAT, Saniye Gülser
Enclosed, please find the response from UNESCO.
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UNESCO1/5/2018 11:57 AM
HOLLA, Aarti
The following comments are submitted on behalf of ESOA members. ESOA is a non-profit organisation e ...
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ESOA1/5/2018 2:57 PM
In this consultation response, we identify a number of barriers which prevent or limit women’s acces ...
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Global Partners Digital1/5/2018 4:22 PM
Access and usage of digital tools empower women and girls by providing essential information and ser ...
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US Department of State1/5/2018 6:14 PM
ALVES, AmeliaPsychology Institute - UnB (University of Brasília)1/5/2018 6:31 PM
Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS International, is pleased to respon ...
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AL-RUBAAN, Abdullah
Please find our contribution to Bridging the Digital Gender Divide in the attached file
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National Committee for Information society1/5/2018 7:46 PM
El sector de Telecomunicaciones y TIC, es uno de los que menor participación de mujeres tiene y es p ...
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CITIC, Centro Internacional de Investigación Científica en Telecomunicaciones, Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones1/5/2018 8:16 PM
Actions that can promote the participation of women in technology and entrepreneurship 1. Developi ...
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INWES-Europe is a network of European women working in STEM is a regional group of the International ...
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International Network of Women in Engineering and Sciences Europe1/5/2018 11:07 PM
BROWN, Deborah
The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) welcomes this opportunity to contribute to the ...
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Association for Progressive Communications1/5/2018 11:58 PM
ANSARI, Mehwish
ARTICLE 19 welcomes the efforts of the ITU and its Council Working Group on International Internet-R ...
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ARTICLE 191/7/2018 2:14 AM
Digital technologies - the Internet and mobile phones among
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International Development Research Centre (IDRC)1/8/2018 12:28 PM
This input is a contribution to the open consultation from EQUALS, the Global Partnership for Gender ...
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EQUALS Global Partnership1/8/2018 5:06 PM
Research ICT Africa and its new African Digital Policy Project believes that evidence-based policyma ...
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Research ICT Africa1/10/2018 2:21 PM
OLUOCH - DO CANTO, Elizabeth
The Internet Society (ISOC) is pleased to participate in the CWG-Internet Open Consultation on “Brid ...
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Internet Society1/11/2018 11:20 PM
In Mauritius, there is no gender disparity against girls in primary and secondary education. Based ...
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Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation1/15/2018 1:15 PM