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CWG-Internet: Online Open Consultation (October 2016- January 2017)

​​​​​​​​​​Topic of discussion

Following the instructions of Council Resolution 1344 (Mod. 2015), the ITU Council Working Group on International Internet-related Public Policy Issues (CWG-Internet) decided on 14 October 2016 to hold an open consultation (online and physical) on the following topic

Developmental Aspects of the Internet   

"Considering the importance of Internet to the global digital economy, all stakeholders are invited to submit their comments on the following key aspects:

1. What are the developmental aspects of the Internet (for example, economic, social, regulatory and technical aspects), especially for developing countries?
2. How can governments and other stakeholders promote the developmental aspects of the Internet?
3. What are the challenges and opportunities?" 

Accordingly, all stakeholders are invited to provide their answers through the link provided further below.

Useful information and instructions

Information on the Online Open Consultations

The online open consultations are held throughout the period between two successive meetings of the CWG-Internet. This process gives an opportunity to all stakeholders from all nations to express their views with regards to the topic(s) under discussion.
As responses to the online open consultations can contain lengthy attachments, short summaries can prove useful to readers and facilitate the discussion process during the physical open consultation meeting (see below).
herefore, submitters are kindly requested to additionally provide a short summary of their response (max. 3 paragraphs), as part of their submission.

Information on the Physical Open Consultations

A physical open consultation meeting is organized 30 days after the end of the online open consultation. Discussions during the physical consultation meeting are based on the responses received during the online consultation process, which are consolidated in a single document by the ITU Secretariat. During this physical meeting, respondents to the online consultation have the opportunity to present their submitted views and to have a fruitful discussion with the other participants, including Members of the CWG-Internet. For those not in the position to participate on site, remote participation is also available upon request.

Short Comments
HERNÁNDEZ WOCKER, Juan CarlosInstituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones
The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) is an autonomous body, which aims to the efficient de ...
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1/19/2017 4:05 PM
1. The formation possibilities of widespread Internet access to various social population layers, pa ...
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1/16/2017 3:29 PM
The Internet’s transformative developmental impact cannot be overstated. Direct references to the ca ...
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1/13/2017 4:02 PM
GAHNBERG, CarlInternet Society
The Internet Society is pleased to submit our contribution in response to the International Telecomm ...
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1/13/2017 3:20 PM
N. SADIQ AL-HASHMI, KhalidM. Transport & Communication1/13/2017 12:03 PM
NAGARAJ, PuneethCentre for Communication Governance at National Law University, Delhi
Summary Two facets of the developmental aspects of the Internet are dealt with in this submission ...
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1/12/2017 10:53 AM
ICANN is pleased and privileged to take part in this important ITU consultation. We particularly loo ...
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1/12/2017 2:51 AM
HERNÁNDEZ, JoelMinistry of Foreing Affairs1/11/2017 11:47 PM
With nearly 60 percent of humanity still lacking Internet access, the success of extending universal ...
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1/11/2017 9:05 PM
GARCIA, IngridSuperintendencia de Telecomunicaciones1/11/2017 8:34 PM
AL-RUBAAN, AbdullahNational Committee for Information Society (NCIS)
Developmental Aspects of the Internet
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1/11/2017 8:05 PM
Access to the use of the Internet and mobile telephony are the driving force for the economic and so ...
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1/11/2017 7:48 PM
TRAORE, AhmadouAMRTP1/11/2017 7:13 PM
GONZALEZ, Angel AtilioComisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones
En adjunto las respuestas de la CONATEL de Paraguay a la Consulta.
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1/11/2017 6:45 PM
WINGFIELD, RichardGlobal Partners Digital and ARTICLE 19
We recognise that increasing access to the Internet has the potential to support development (and vi ...
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1/11/2017 6:21 PM
1. What are the developmental aspects of the Internet (for example, economic, social, regulatory and ...
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1/11/2017 3:58 PM
HOVE, KudaCentre for Technology Law and Development
This note describes the developmental aspects of the Internet in Zimbabwe, a developing Southern Afr ...
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1/11/2017 3:39 PM
DABUGAT, NaandyeUniversity of Jos
The internet has boosted the economies of most developing countries through communications. A good e ...
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1/11/2017 3:22 PM
CHEMANE, Lourino AlbertoMinistry of Science and Technology, Higher and Technic Professional Education
SUMMARY Internet is a technological platform that can be used to catalyze social and economic dev ...
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1/11/2017 3:13 PM
HISELIUS, PatrikTelia Company
To whom it may concern, Please find herewith our submission; ...
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1/11/2017 3:11 PM
EROKHIN, ViacheslavRadio Research & Development Institute
A number of development aspects of the Internet exist and we selected one of them related to secure ...
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1/11/2017 2:34 PM
BASIS, Radial-
Infrastructure for a competitive diversity is converse to somewhat deterministic structures that eco ...
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1/11/2017 2:12 PM
NOOR MOHAMED, Mohammad ZafroullahMinistry of Technology, Communication and Innovation
See attached file
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1/11/2017 9:51 AM
All the views included in the report represent CITRA's views.
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1/11/2017 7:34 AM
VALIYEV, ElgunThe Ministry of Communications and High Technologies1/11/2017 6:45 AM
THAKUR, DhanarajAlliance for Affordable Internet / Web Foundation
The Web Foundation and Alliance for Affordable Internet offer two reports: 1) Women’s Rights Online: ...
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1/11/2017 12:47 AM
HIGASHIDA, KokiJapan Registry Services Co., Ltd. (JPRS)
In the comments, JPRS delivers its view that it supports the arrangement of the Internet-related iss ...
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1/10/2017 10:09 AM
TOMINAGA, AtsukoInternet Initiative Japan Inc.
These comments are on behalf of IIJ.
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1/10/2017 8:05 AM
MATSUNAGA, HisashiNTT DATA Corporation
The Internet is now necessary social infrastructure which could provide solution to various issues o ...
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1/10/2017 7:22 AM
El desarrollo de las telecomunicaciones y la convergencia tecnológica, tanto a nivel global como en ...
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1/10/2017 12:28 AM
RITCHIE, SusanUS Department of State
The United States believes that the foundational aspect of the digital economy is connectivity. As ...
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1/9/2017 10:27 PM
This response is made in line with my department's scope of work which revolves around the developme ...
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1/9/2017 11:02 AM
A number of development aspects of the Internet exist and all stakeholders have a role to play in ad ...
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1/6/2017 12:06 PM
HOETU, IvyNational Communications Authority
SUMMARY The aspects of the internet that can help in its development are but not limited to Digit ...
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1/4/2017 3:00 PM
MEZHER, JaifaMinisterio de las Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones
El desarrollo de Internet dentro de los países, depende de dos grandes líneas complementarias, una q ...
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1/3/2017 2:31 PM
MEZHER, JaifaICT Ministry of Colombia
Internet development inside countries, depends on two complementary lines, one that includes externa ...
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1/3/2017 2:28 PM
LAZAREVIC, MarinelaMinistry of Economy
DEVELOPMENTAL ASPECTS OF THE INTERNET 1. What are the developmental aspects of the Internet (for ...
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12/28/2016 3:53 PM
RAHMAN, ZiaurMAMTech Limited
Dear Attendee, My views mainly is Universal Unique Identity (UUID) system. It is in detail discusse ...
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12/28/2016 8:04 AM
We can describe the developmental aspects of the Internet by separating many groups. The communicati ...
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12/27/2016 9:28 PM
ROSLYAKOV, AleksandrPovolzhskiy State University of Telecommunications and Informatics
1. What are the developmental aspects of the Internet (for example, economic, social, regulatory and ...
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12/26/2016 4:19 PM
SARMIENTO ARGÜELLO, MarianaComisión de Regulación de Comunicaciones
Please find attached the responses from the CRC to the online open consultations.
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12/23/2016 2:41 PM
DIMITROVA, KrasimiraMinistry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications
"Developmental Aspects of the Internet"
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12/21/2016 2:31 PM
GURUMURTHY, AnitaIT for Change
The world will be connected, by 2025. But a totalising net of surveillance has annexed the planet, r ...
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12/20/2016 11:58 AM
NOUMOUKE, CONDEMinistere des postes des telecommunications et de l'Economie Numerique
find attach my request
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12/16/2016 12:17 PM
HILL, RichardAssociation for Proper Internet Governance
As we already stated in our contribution to a previous open consultation on this topic, the key deve ...
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12/14/2016 10:32 AM
HILL, RichardAssociation for Proper Internet Governance
The Internet and the electronic networking revolution, like previous technological shifts, holds out ...
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12/6/2016 5:07 PM
BOLLOW, NorbertJust Net Coalition
Summary The Internet has become a vitally important social infrastructure that profoundly impacts ...
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12/6/2016 10:09 AM