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Name : DAVIS, Antigone
Date : February 04, 2016
Organization : Facebook
Country : USA
Job Title :

Contribution : Facebook welcomes this consultation on the Child Online Protection (COP) Results Framework, which aims to set global goals and targets on child online protection. We consider the safety of the people who use Facebook our most important responsibility and we appreciate this opportunity to engage with the CWG-COP on the critical issue of child exploitation. Facebook has zero-tolerance for child exploitation and child exploitation images (CSE) and aggressively fights against its proliferation, working closely with child protection authorities to thwart this criminal behavior. We have long used PhotoDNA technology to scan all photos uploaded to our platform and automatically detect known illicit child exploitation images. When an illegal image is detected, the responsible account is immediately suspended, and the incident escalated for referral to the appropriate child protection authorities.

Attachments : ITU CWG-COP 1-31-16 Submission.pdf