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​​​Chair of ITU Council 2019

Dr Elsayed Elsayed Azzouz​​​​,Vice President of NTRA of Egypt for radio spectrum affair​ ​

Chairman Council 2019Nationality:  Egyptian
Date of Birth: 6th November 1961

: ​Ph. D. in Electronic and Electrical Engine​​ering,​
Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland, U.K, 1996.

Dr  Azzouz is the Vice President of NTRA of Egypt for radio spectrum affairs.  He has wide experience in different directions of radio sector communications on the regional and international levels since 2003, and before that for another 15 years in research and teaching telecommunication sciences. With his experience in different disciplines including telecom service provisions, international Radio Regulations, Spectrum management issues, Dr. Azzouz brings a wide skill in both terrestrial and satellite communications. 

Dr Azzouz joined the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Egypt since 2003. During this period, he participated in the implementation of several national projects through telecom services provision. These are such as: preparation of technical, regulatory and economic studies for the issuance of Egypt's Third Mobile License in 2006, as well as, conducting the technical, regulatory and economic studies for the issuance of 4G mobile license in 2016. In addition, he introduced some technical solutions to overcome the spillover and cross border interference issues. Furthermore, he participated in a national project for launching the first Egyptian satellite for communication purposes and conducting many surveys and studies for the establishment of control station of the Egyptian satellite MISRSAT in the non-geostationary orbit. 

In international level, he was Vice-chairman of World Radiocommunication Assembly in RA-2012 & RA-2015, and SG-1 of radio sector. In addition Dr Azzouz is a vice chairman of ASMG since 2011, and undertook the chairmanship of ASMG, managing all mandates and responsibilities during WRC-12. In addition, he participates in developing and enhancing the Radio Regulations that governs Radio Spectrum and services issues worldwide, through active participation and contribution to ITU-R and relevant Study Groups and RAG meetings since 2007. 

Finally, Dr Azzouz is the vice chairman of ITU council since April 2018.​