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ITU Child Helpline International Campaign “Partnering to Protect Children and Youth”

You can submit your contribution to the ITU Child Helpline International Campaign by completing the form. Please read the guidelines below.

1.   All contributions need to be submitted through the online form below.

2.   Each ITU member can submit one submission.

Members are encouraged to prepare a 2-page Word document in English (about 1,000 words) which will expand on the questions below. Please submit contributions with the attachment option in the online form below.

Members are encour​aged to follow the questions as a guide, and to include pictures, link to video and other forms of media of your initiatives, campaigns and activities.

.   Members are encouraged to elaborate on best practices and details of collaboration with national child helplines, not just include a list of activities.

.   The submission deadline is 26 September, 2016 (Deadline extended).
7.   Contributions should be submitted in English only.
​1. Are you familiar with the child helpline(s) in your country?
2. Are you supporting the child helpline(s) in your country? If so, which one(s)? If not, would you like to support the child helpline in your country?
3. When did your support or collaboration with the national child helpline(s) in your country start?
4. What does the support you provide entail? (e.g. waiving costs, raising awareness in local media, providing training, infrastructure support, issuing supportive regulation)
For question 2, if you would like to start supporting the child helpline in your country, we will send you a customized email with the contact details of your local child helpline.
Please kindly complete the fields below and attach your Word document.​
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