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Name : DORIA, Avri
Date : June 15, 2020
Organization : Association for Progressive Communications (APC)
Country : USA
Job Title : Researcher

Contribution : ​Mobilizing New Solutions for Connectivity and Community Networks Commitments for meaningful internet access and digital inclusion need to be reinforced before the benefits of new and emerging technologies can be fully realised. To achieve this, innovative complementary solutions, beyond those listed as the example subthemes given in Decision 611 (Council 2019), are necessary. We welcome the addition to the third draft of the theme “Mobilizing New Solutions for Connectivity”. However, explicitly including questions in this subtheme regarding Community Networks (CN) should also be prioritised. The manner in which CN combines existing technology with new and innovative technology and methods, marks it as a major possible contribution to bringing the internet infrastructure to the half of the world that is still excluded from digital society. APC believes that an outcome on enabling policies must not overlook CN’s contribution to the SDG solution path. Community Networks are an epitome of ‘new solutions for connectivity’ that need policy enablement.

Attachments : APC WTPF-21 D3 infrastructure.pdf