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Securing Radiocommunications

Security related activities in ITU-R

ITU-R’s work in radiocommunication standardization continues, matching the constant evolution in modern telecommunication networks. ITU-R established clear security principles for IMT (3G and 4G) networks (Recommendations ITU-R M.1078, ITU-R M.1223, ITU-R M.1457, ITU-R M.1645, and ITU-R M.2012).

ITU-R has also issued Recommendations on security issues in network management architecture for digital satellite systems (Recommendation ITU-R S.1250) and performance enhancements of transmission control protocol over satellite networks (Recommendation ITU-R S.1711). 

List of ITU-R Recommendations:         

See the Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) website for further information