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Guidelines for utilization of the GCA


The 2019 session of Council instructed the Secretary-General, in parallel, to submit to the next Council session (1) a report explaining how the ITU is currently utilizing the Global Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA) framework and (2) with the involvement of Member States, appropriate guidelines developed for utilization of the GCA by the ITU for Council's consideration and approval (C19/117, C19/58).

Pursuant to these instructions, the draft Guidelines have been formulated with the support of Chief Judge (Ret.) Stein Schjolberg (former HLEG Chair) and with the involvement of Member States, for consideration and approval by Council. It is important to note that this effort is not meant to and will not address matters related to the revision of the GCA.​

As per the process for developing the dr​aft Guidelines, an Open Consultation was held for all WSIS stakeholders on 23 April from 13:00-14:30 CET to provide comments on the draft G​uidelines​. 

New! Taking into account the stakeholder feedback received, the revised version of the Guidelines and the Report on utilization of the GCA have both been posted on the ITU Council website as Document C20/65 and C20/36.

Background Information:

  - ​For all the inputs received from Member States for the development of the draft Guidelines,​​ please click here.

  - The report of the Chairman of the HLEG (2008) is available here:GCA Chairman's Report

Open Consultation on the draft Guidelines for utilization of the GCA: 

The virtual meeting of the Open Consultation was held on 23 April 2020 from 13:00 to 14:30 CET

For the list of registered participants, please click here: GCA Open Consultation Registration List.pdf

Feedback received from some stakeholder participants after the Open Consultation is available here.  

New! For the Brief Summary of the Open Consultation prepared by the ITU Secretariat, please visit ​the ITU Council ​website for Document C20/INF/11

Sched​ule for Preparation of the Guidelines​​

Pursuant to Circular Letter ​​(CL-20/18), the revised schedule for preparation of the Guidelines is as follows:

15 January 2020
Deadline for inputs by Member States: 
Note: For all the inputs received from Member States,​​ please click here.
9 April 2020A draft of the guidelines, prepared by the ITU Secretary-General and based on the inputs received from Member States, will be posted online
23 April 2020
Open Consultation to be held to discuss the draft of the guidelines and inputs received
5 May 2020The final Draft Guidelines for utilization of the GCA by the ITU to be posted online by the ITU Secretary-General
ITU Council (9-19 June 2020)Draft Guidelines for utilization of the GCA to be presented to the 2020 session of the ITU Council for Council's consideration and approval, along with the ITU Secretariat report on how the ITU is currently utilizing the GCA.