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Never before have ICTs been so vital to our lives, and to keep our economy and society working, as during the COVID-19 crisis we are living through today. From teleworking and e-commerce to telemedicine and remote learning, ICT services and technologies are supporting continued access to our critical needs. While always crucial, it is particularly at times like this that we need to ensure that our systems and networks are secure. To support your efforts, ITU is reaching out to encourage you to share information about initiatives, actions, resources and projects on cybersecurity that are designed to help ensure communities remain connected safely and securely​.​​​​​


3 ways governments can address cybersecurity in the post-pandemic world 
Governments have an opportunity to guarantee security, privacy and digital rights in cyberspace.
World Economic Forum
Productivity gains from teleworking in the post COVID-19 era : How can public policies make it happen? 
It discuss strategies and practices to maximise the gains for productivity and welfare inherent in the use of more widespread telework.
Resource Guide for Cybersecurity during the COVID-19 Pandemic​ 
This resource provides information about common cyber-attacks that are currently being reported. It also provides resources for improving cyber hygiene to enhance cyber defenses, both for organizations and their employees.
Centre for Internet Security, USA

The ISF has created a suite of useful resources available to organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic, to support them in being more cyber resilient in the face of unprecedented business operational changes.​
Information Security Forum


A unified cybersecurity framework/repository that provides guidance for pandemic response technologies at different stages of the epidemiological management lifecycle.
Berkeley School of Information 
Security for Enterprise Telework, Remote Access, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Solutions 
This bulletin summarizes highlights from the more detailed Guide to Enterprise Telework, Remote Access and BYOD Security to help organizations protect their IT systems and information from the security risks that accompany the use of telework and remote access technologies.
National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST), USA 
Covid-19 Cybersecurity Response Package 
This package compiles rapid response initiatives / tools / services from the European cybersecurity community which includes ECSO members, ECSO partners, and other stakeholders. 
European Cyber Security Organization 
Cybersecurity in Africa: How to stay safe online in times of COVID-19 
This resource outlines a set of practices for African organisations and individuals to mitigate cybersecurity risks.
Africa Renewal 
Covid-19, privacy rights and cyber security risks​ 
Provides principle and best practices for the adoption of digital tools to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.
​​EY Cyber response to COVID-19  ​
This resource provides guidance on how to strengthen operational resilience and security during the COVID-19 crisis. 
Ernst & Young 

What your post-COVID-19 crisis security clean-up checklist should include 
This resource provides tools to help businesses get back to physical offices.
Ernst & Young 
Covid-19 Cybersecurity 
This guide provides basic cybersecurity tips for businesses. 
Cybersecurity tactics for the coronavirus pandemic
This resource outlines the steps to consider when securing work-at-home arrangements, highlighting the changes to be made in three areas: technology, people, and processes. 
Protect your IT infrast​ructure during COVID-19: How you can avoid being harmed by a hacker attack.​ 
This resource provides an overview describing how businesses can manage their IT infrastructure and how to avoid being harmed by a hacker attack. 
Go Beyond Disruption 
​A series of podcasts analysing key technical challenges and best practices for remote work, business continuity, compliance and risk management.
Risk Management for novel COVID-19 ​ 
This resource provides executives with guidance to help them think through physical, supply chain, and cybersecurity issues that may arise from the spread of COVID-19. 
Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency, USA 
Guidance for technology sector 
Guidance for the technology sector on safe re-opening during the coronavirus pandemic.
Scottish Government 
Practical Steps to Help You Work from Home Securely
These guidelines focus on how to secure businesses while working remotely. 
Global Cyber Alliance
This resource provides cybersecurity advice to support hospitals and the healthcare sector against the increase of phishing campaigns and ransomware attacks during the COVID-19 crisis.
ENISA, European Union Agency for Cybersecurity 
Cybersecurity resources for Healthcare ​
It lists cybersecurity resources, tools and news that are relevant for the healthcare sector.​
Health IT Security 
Advisory: APT29 targets COVID-19 vaccine development 
Detection and mitigation advice for organisations involved in coronavirus vaccine development targeted with custom malware by APT29.​
National Cyber Security Centre (UK) 

Small and micro business guidance 
Guidance to help businesses re-open safely.
Scottish Government 
COVID-19: Cybersecurity threats to MSMEs 
A guide to help MSMEs minimise cyber security risks during the COVID-19 crisis.
International Chamber of Commerce 
Digital Solutions in time of covid-19 
This resource includes a list of solutions SMEs can employ to secure their business. 
European Digital SME Alliance 
Top ten cyber hygiene tips for SMEs during Covid-19 pandemic 

This resource contains ten cyber hygiene tips to support SMEs in protecting their virtual assets against cyber attacks, during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
ENISA, European Union Agency for Cybersecurity 
European SMEs facing increased cyber threats in changing digital landscape 

The Agency gathered European businesses, agencies and associations to share their views on the major challenges faced by SMEs in a time of heightened threats.
ENISA, European Union Agency for Cybersecurity 
Securing a Remote Workforce ​ 
This resource sets out recommendations for SMEs on securing their workforce, particularly in relation to passwords, patches, phishes, and reducing data exposure while working remotely. 
Cyber Readiness Institute 
How to stay Cyber Safe during Covid-19 situation 
​This resource provides cybersecurity advice to small organisation (and individuals). 
Cyber Security Agency of Singapore 
Small care providers cybersecurity guide 
It provides guidelines to ensure that disruptions to care and support are avoided or minimised.
Digital Social Care 

Cybersecurity for small-and-medium enterprises in Asia Pacific 
This resource provides cybersecurity advice to small organisations in the region.

Cybersecurity Best Practices 
This resource sets out advisories for organizations during the time of COVID-19.
Data Security Council of India 
11 Security Tips to help stay safe in the COVID-19 era 
This resource contains easy tips to keep devices secure and up to date.
Microsoft India 
Tips for cybersecurity when working from home​
This resource outlines a set of recommendations for maintaining an adequate level of cybersecurity when teleworking. These recommendations are divided into those for employers and for staff.
ENISA, European Union Agency for Cybersecurity 
SANS Security Awareness Work-from-Home Deployment Kit ​
This resource offers a wide variety of SANS public resources and paid training materials at no cost to help companies, employees and families best secure remote working and learning environments. 
SANS Institute
EC-Council Free Resource Pass  
This site provides free online cybersecurity resources, online learning, webinars, whitepapers, podcasts etc. 
Cybersecurity & COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resource Center: Embracing and Securing a Remote Workforce  
This resource hub is a repository where new content is published on a regular basis with recommendations and expertise that can help  in the hope that our expertise and recommendations can help security efforts. 
Cybersecurity and COVID-19 
This resource provides a collection of cybersecurity resources relating to telecommuting during COVID-19 pandemic. 
UC Berkeley 
Staying Safe Online While Working Remotely 
This informational video aims at raising awareness.
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 
This resource outlines some basic precautions for calls and virtual meetings. 
National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST), USA 
Cyber Hygiene for COVID-19  
This guidance warns against malicious actors impersonating health agencies for phishing and other scams, and provides ways to protect oneself from them. 
Centre for Cybersecurity, Canada 
Beware of Criminals pretending to be WHO 
This resource provides guidance on scams from criminals pretending to be WHO. 
World Health Organization 

Cybersecurity Tips for International Travelers  
This resource provides some practical tips for international travelers. 
Federal Communications Commission, USA 
COVID-19: Physicians Home and Office Cybersecurity Guide ​
This resource aims at physicians who are working from home, using their personal computers and mobile devices to help care for patients. 
American Hospital Association 
This resource provides cybersecurity tips to the health care industry. 
Cyber Peace Institute 

This technical note sets out some of the key priorities and recommendations on how to mitigate those risks and promote positive online experiences for children.
UNICEF and partners
Keeping children safe online during COVID-19 
A parenting tip sheet discussing online risks and simple measures to protect children. 
Toolkit for Schools​ 
This is a list of resources designed to support schools to create safer online environments. 
​e-safety Commissioner, Australia 
Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic
This resource outlines tips for online learning safety, protecting children from online abuse, and safety kits for parents and educators. 
​e-safety Commissioner, Australia 
Cybersecurity Considerations in a COVID-19 World 
This resource highlights key considerations for protecting students, staff, and data.​ 
Consortium for School Networking, USA 
Supporting Schools to Provide a Safe Online Learning Experience 
This guidance is directed at education ministries as they develop policies and resources to support schools in providing a safe online learning experience.
Safe to Learn 
Garfield eLearning program​ 
This resource grants free access to e-learning resources for children on privacy, safe p​osting and cyberbullying.
Center for Cyber Safety and Education, ISC2



Coronovirus crisis: A digital policy overview ​
This resource has mapped out the coronavirus outbreak with digital policy issues as per the GIP Digital Watch taxonomy. 
Geneva Internet Platform, Digital Watch Observatory, Switzerland 
​​​​​​Covid-19 Cyberthreats 
This resource provides an analysis of the cyberthreat landscape during the pandemics.
COVID-19 Cybercrime Analysis Report​ 
This resource provides an analysis of cybercrime during the pandemics.

Pandemic Profiteering: How Criminals Exploit The COVID-19 Crisis. ​
This report provides an overview of how criminals adapt their misdeeds to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is based on information Europol receives from the EU Member States on a 24/7 basis and intends to support Member States’ law enforcement authorities in their work. 
COVID-19’s Impact on Cybersecurity ​
This report outlines some findings about the impact of COVID-19 on cybersecurity 
Impact of Covid-19 on Online Child Sexual Exploitation 

This briefing paper brings together and assesses the currently available material on the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on online child sexual exploitation. 

Covid-19 Vaccines are Coming – So are Hackers 
As drug makers distribute Covid-19 vaccines, cybersecurity experts are warning against the growing threat of tampering and theft by organized crime networks.
The Wall Street Journal Videos 
This resource outlines the risks of cyberattacks that prey on the current increased reliance on digital tools, and provides for cyber hygiene standards to be adopted. 
World Economic Forum 
This resource offers an overview for reassessing digital initiatives that can help businesses position for a post-crisis world. 
COVID-19 Resources 
These free resources offer insights into how telecoms operators and vendors will be impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, how they can support businesses and how the risks of a slowdown can be mitigated. 

​Analysys Mason 
COVID-19 map 
COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins Universit.
Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) 
Covid-19 strengthens the case for digital ID cards​ 
It discusses how adopting digital ID cards could improve the work of governments.
​The Economist 
Covid-19 is spurring the digitisation of government
It analyses how Covid has accelerated the adoption of online administrative services.
​The Economist