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Executive Summary, WP3/12, September 2019

Executive summary: Meeting of ITU-T Study Group 12 Working Party 3 (Multimedia QoS and QoE), Stockholm, 4 September 2019

Note: This is not an official record and is subject to correction or modification.


Working Party 3 of ITU-T Study Group 12 held its sixth meeting of the 2017-2020 study period in Stockholm, 4 September 2019. The plenary meeting was attended by 6 participants. The meeting only considered the activities of Question 13/12 (Quality of experience (QoE), quality of service (QoS) and performance requirements and assessment methods for multimedia) and Question 17/12 (Performance of packet-based networks and other networking technologies). The preceding Q13/12, Q17/12 and Q14/12 (under WP2/12) rapporteur group meetings from 2 to 4 September were attended by 33 participants including 15 remote participants. The meetings were kindly hosted by Ericsson.

One Recommendation was consented by the WP3/12 meeting (see below for details).

Major accomplishments

Completed work

ITU-T Rec. No. Question Reference New/Rev Title AAP/Last Call
G.103313/12 TD927R2New QoS and QoE Aspects of Digital Financial ServicesAAP-66

The new Recommendation ITU-T G.1033 highlights important aspects related to Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) in the context of Digital Financial Services (DFS). It builds upon the discussions held by the concluded Focus Group DFS and its published Technical Report on QoS and QoE Aspects of Digital Financial Services.