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Question 17

​Performance of packet-based networks and other networking technologies

(Continuation of Question 17/12 - Performance of packet-based networks and other networking technologies)

As critical communications services increase their reliance on new networking technologies like MPLS and Ethernet over various network domains, network performance remains important to the user's experience. When several network operators work together to provide end-to-end communications, each needs to understand how to achieve the end-to-end performance objectives. Such objectives must be both adequate for the service being offered and feasible based on the available networking technologies.

A framework is needed to guide the development of Recommendations for performance aspects of new network capabilities, transmission facilities, and transport services (e.g. forward error correction and retransmission protocols), including those supported by the emerging and heterogeneous infrastructure. Such a framework is also essential for relating performance Recommendations focused on other protocols or service layers to the networking layers.

When new networking technologies are proposed, it is not clear whether they will become sufficiently important to warrant the development of one or more new Recommendations on performance parameters, methods of measurement, and/or numerical objectives. Some investigation of each technology is worthwhile to determine whether it is an appropriate candidate.

The following major Recommendations, in force at the time of approval of this Question, fall under its responsibility:
G.1021, G.1022, I.350, I.351, I.353, I.355, I.356, I.357, I.381, Y.800, Y.1540, Y.1541, Y.1543, Y.1544, Y.1546, Y.1560, Y.1561, Y.1563, Y.1564, Y.1565, Y.1566

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