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SG11 Informal FTP Area and mailing lists

SG11 Informal FTP Area and Mailing Lists (Study Period 2017-2020)

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​ ​ ​Structure of SG 11 informal FTP area Mailing list Archives Mailing lists
General distribution list of Study Group 11
q1 t17sg11q1​
Signalling and protocol architectures in emerging telecommunication environments and guidelines for implementations
q2. t17sg11q2
Signalling requirements and protocols for services and applications in emerging telecommunication environments
q3 t17sg11q3
Signalling requirements and protocols for emergency telecommunications
Protocols for control, management and orchestration of network resources
Protocols and procedures supporting services provided by broadband network gateways
Protocols supporting control and management technologies for IMT-2020
Signalling requirements and protocols for network attachment including mobility and resource management for future networks and IMT-2020​
Protocols supporting distributed content networking and information centric network (ICN) for future networks and IMT-2020, including end-to-end multi-party communications
Service and networks benchmark testing, remote testing including Internet related performance measurements
​q10 ​t17sg11q10
Testing of emerging IMT-2020 technologies
q11 t17sg11q11
Protocols and networks test specifications; frameworks and methodologies
q12 t17sg11q12
Testing of internet of things, its applications and identification systems
​q13 t17sg11q13
Monitoring parameters for protocols used in emerging networks, including cloud computing and software-defined networking/network function virtualization (SDN/NFV)
​q14 t17sg11q14
Cloud interoperability testing
​​q15  t17sg11q15
Combating counterfeit and stolen ICT equipment
Conformity Assessment Steering Committee
ITU-T SG11 Regional group for Africa
ITU-T SG11 Regional group for EECAT​
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