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Question 7

International mobile roaming issues (including charging, accounting and settlement mechanisms and roaming at border areas)

(Continuation of Question 7/3)

There is a Rapporteur group on mobile roaming.
Members are actively working on this topic in many regions.
Cross-border connectivity is an increasing topic of relevance to certain developing regions in the world.
The global economy is increasingly dependent on reliable, cost-effective, competitive and affordable mobile communications technology.

International mobile roaming is a service that allows mobile users to continue to use their mobile phone or other mobile device to make and receive voice calls and text messages, browse the internet, and send and receive emails, while visiting another country.
Roaming extends the coverage of the home operator’s current, emerging and other future services.

The study of international mobile roaming, with a view to enhancing access, availability and affordability for users worldwide. 

Cross-border connectivity issues - the study of avoidance/mitigation of roaming in border zones.
Identify mechanisms for reducing cost of international mobile roaming.
Tariff issues for services such as SMS and MMS.

ITU-T D.97​
– ITU-T D.98