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ITU-T Study Group 11 - Signalling requirements, protocols and test specifications

Executive summary of the WP1, 2 and 3/11 meetings (Geneva, 21 February 2014)

WP1, 2 and 3/11 meetings were held in Geneva, 21 February 2014 and were attended by 56 participants from 18 countries. Along with face-to-face meetings, all sessions were supported by remote participation capabilities. The WP meetings were preceded by the Rapporteur group meetings of Q1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11 and 14/11, which were held in Geneva on 17-21 February 2014.

1.       Consented Recommendations (ITU-T A.8)
The following table shows the ‘Consented’ draft Recommendations.

​#​Question​Rec.​Status​Title​Final TD GEN​A.5 justification
​1​Q4/11 Q.3303.2 v2​Revised​Resource control protocol no.3 – Protocol at the interface between a Policy Decision Physical Entity (PD-PE) and a Policy Enforcement Physical Entity (PE-PE) (Rw interface): H.248 alternative version 2 TD 338 (GEN/11)TD 345 (GEN/11)

2.       Supplements and Technical Papers
2.1     Supplements
Three supplements were approved at this meeting

​#​Question​Work item​Q series Supplement​Status​Title​Final TD GEN
​1​Q3/11​TRQ.ETS-overview​62​Revised​Supplement 62 to ITU-T Q series Recommendations “Overview of the work of standards development organizations and other organizations on emergency telecommunications service”TD 339 (GEN/11)
​2​Q3/11​TRQ 2840​49​Revised​Supplement 49 to ITU-T Q series Recommendations “Signaling requirements to support IP telephony”TD 334 (GEN/11)
​3​Q8/11​Y.phys-arch​64​New​Supplement 64 to ITU-T Q series Recommendations “Physical Realisation of Next Generation Networks”TD 331 Rev.1 (GEN/11)

2.2       Technical Papers
No Technical papers were approved at this meeting.

3.        Outgoing Liaison Statements
The following table shows the list of the three agreed outgoing liaison statements.

​1​WP2/11​Q4/11​Information​ITU-T SG16 (Q3/16)LS/o on Consent for ITU-T Q.3303.2 v2 "Resource control protocol no.3 (H.248 Rw Profile version 2), Protocol at the Rw interface between a Policy Decision Physical Entity (PD-PE) and a Policy Enforcement Physical Entity (PE-PE) (Rw interface)" [to ITU-T SG16]​TD 359 (GEN/11)
​2​​WP3/11​Q8/11​Action​GSMA, ITU-D SG1 and SG2LS/o on “ Request for Status Update from GSMA and ITU on proposed Studies on the issue of mobile theft, grey market and counterfeit devices”​TD 343 (GEN/11)
​3​​WP3/11​Q8/11​Comment​GSMA, ITU-D SG1 and 2, ITU-T SGs, WIPO, WCO, MMF, UNODC, WTOLS/o on “Technical Report on Counterfeit Equipment​TD 342 Rev.1 (GEN/11)

4.       Work plan for interim Working Party and Rapporteur meetings
No interim WP meetings are planned before next SG11 meeting.

4.1      Interim Rapporteur groups

QuestionDate​​Place/Host​Terms of reference​Contact
​9/11​22-24 April 2014​e-meeting​- Progress all ongoing work items of Q9/11
- Especially, focus on developing updated draft Recommendation X.mp2p-arch aiming to propose Consent in SG11 July 2014 meeting
- To discuss new work item proposals (if any)
​Shin-Gak Kang (ETRI)

5.       Next Study Group 11 meeting
The next SG 11 meeting is scheduled in Geneva, on 9-16 July 2014.