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(Terminated on 19/08/2011)

The scope of this JCA is the coordination of the Management (Mgt) standardization work inside and outside of the ITU-T. This JCA includes the coordination responsibilities previously addressed by the NGN Management Focus Group (NGNMFG). In addition, it will include coordination of the work related to the next generation of telecommunication management networks.

As with the NGNMFG, the management work is focused on the specification of management interfaces associated with a telecommunication management network. Such management interfaces include interfaces between a network element and a management system and between two management systems, but exclude management interfaces between network elements.

The JCA-Mgt was established by ITU-T Study Group 4 in May 2008 and is now the responsibility of ITU-T Study Group 2. Its terms of reference are found at this link.

Participation is open to leaders and other invited individuals from ITU-T and non-ITU-T organizations with expertise and specifications applicable to management interfaces. See below for a non-exhaustive list of such organizations.


Leen Mak
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 35 687 4143
Email: leen.mak[at]

TSB Secretariat:
Richard Hill
Tel: +41 22 730 5887
Fax: +41 22 730 5853
Email: richard.hill[at]

Objectives and Working Methods

A detailed description of the objectives and working methods of the JCA-Mgt is available in its Terms of Reference document.

Other documents related to JCA-Mgt activities are available in the Website/FTP area

The JCA-Mgt will stimulate the progression of management standardization work in a well-coordinated way. Planning issues can be brought to the attention of the JCA-Mgt.

  1. The JCA-Mgt will facilitate work assignments among the involved Study Groups and coordination among other relevant SDOs/fora when it is not clear where the work should be done and recommend an allocation of tasks. The support of SG 4 in its role as Lead SG for Telecommunication Management should be solicited as needed.
  2. The JCA-Mgt will analyze management standardization work items and associated specifications and support the development by SG 4 of an associated roadmap based initially upon the output of the NGNMFG.
  3. The JCA-Mgt analysis will identify areas of duplication and facilitate harmonization of the related specifications and identify areas where specifications are needed. To support these activities, the JCA-Mgt will actively manage the harmonization and/or development of said specifications in the relevant ITU-T SGs and SDOs/fora by closely working with them and tracking their results.
  4. The JCA-Mgt will act as a point of contact within ITU-T and with other SDOs/fora to support management specification coordination, harmonization, and generation.
  5. In carrying out the JCA-Mgt’s internal coordination role, participants in the JCA-Mgt will include representatives of relevant ITU-T Study Groups and other ITU groups.
  6. In carrying out the JCA-Mgt’s external coordination role, representatives from other relevant SDOs/fora and regional/national organizations will be invited to join the JCA-Mgt.

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