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ICTs for a Sustainable World #ICT4SDG


19 July 2011
16:00 - 16:10 Welcome

Introduction to the workshop and to relevant ITU-T work
Mr Yushi Naito (Mitsubishi Electric, Japan) [Presentation]
16:10 - 18:30 Overview of key ITU-T IPTV standardization
  • M. Kawamori (NTT, Japan), Overview ITU IPTV standards [Presentation]
  • M. Moreno (UFJF, Brazil), ITU-T H.761 NCL and Ginga-NCL [Presentation]
  • F. Matsubara (Mitsubishi Electric, Japan), Interactive Multimedia Applications based on ITU-T H.762 LIME [Presentation]
  • R. Hirayama (Anatel, Brazil), Convergence and harmonization with GINGA for a new television experience [Presentation]
  • H. Yamamoto (OKI, Japan), IPTV audience measurement standardization for future IPTV [Presentation]


21 July 2011
16:00 - 18:30 IPTV related activities worldwide and Harmonization between ITU and W3C
  • H. Nishimoto (Sumitomo Electric Networks, Japan), H.721 and IPTV terminals [Presentation]
  • W. Yau (Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore), NGNBN in Singapore [Presentation]
  • K. Ashimura (W3C), Update on Web and TV in W3C [Web presentation | PDF]
  • U. Jung (TVStorm, Rep. of Korea), Trends in Korea [Presentation]
  • X. Shen (China Telecom, China), CTC’s IPTV service intro & wide topics on standardization [Presentation]
  • Y. Funahashi (Tomo-Digi, Japan), Web and TV from broadcasters point of view [Presentation: Part 1 | 2 ]
18:30 - 19:30

Panel: Harmonization of Web and TV
Moderator: M. Kawamori (NTT, Japan)

  • K. Ashimura (W3C)
  • S. Campos (ITU)
  • Y. Funahashi (Tomo-Digi, Japan)
  • R. Hirayama (Anatel, Brazil)
  • M. Moreno (UFJF, Brazil)
  • H. Nishimoto (Sumitomo Electric Networks, Japan)