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Identity Management Global Standards Initiative

IdM-GSI focuses on developing the detailed standards necessary for deployment of Identity management (IdM) capabilities that enables secure and trustworthy assertions about digital identities used in telecommunications, control networks, and a variety of service offerings. IdM-GSI harmonizes, in collaboration with other bodies, different approaches to IdM worldwide.

ITU-T's Definition of IdM

For ITU-T purposes, the identity asserted by an entity represents the uniqueness of that entity in a specific context and is not intended to indicate positive validation of a person. Identity management (IdM) is the process of secure management of identity information (e.g., credentials, identifiers, attributes, and reputations).

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Why IdM?

IdM provides assurance of identity information in a manner that supports: secure, trusted access control. This IdM capability is achieved through single-sign-on/single sign-off; user control of personally identifiable information; and the ability of a user to select an Identity Provider (IdP) that can provide verification and delegation functions on their behalf as opposed to providing credential to every service provider. IdM also supports a multitude of identity-based services to include: targeted advertising; personalized services based on geo-location and interest; and authenticated services to decrease fraud and identity theft.
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If you are interested in participating in meetings where IdM is discussed, please contact IdM-GSI secretariat. Under special circumstances, guests (experts, students, academia…) can be admitted.

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