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FIGI Security, Infrastructure and Trust Working Group (SIT ​WG)

The Security, Infrastructure, and Trust Working Group is led by ITU and is composed of four workst​reams:​
The main ​activities of the Security, Infrastructure, and Trust Working Group are:
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Security Workstream

​​The main tasks of the Security Workstream are as follows:
Developer resources
Output Documents 
Published Recommendation​s and Technical Reports

Quality Of Service Workstream

The main objectives of this workstream are to: 
Output Documents​​​
Published Recommendation

DLT-FI Workstream

​The workstream will investigate ​​​​​​whether distributed ​ledger technology can be used to secure digital financial services transactions, review the security aspects of distributed ledger technologies as well as technological and regulatory trends in the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Digital Fiat Currency (DFC) spaces and will include specific policy recommendations for international regulatory bodies to help foster beneficial innovations.

The workstream will also investigate diff​​erences in approach between countries of various levels of economic development with an emphasis on the ability of the technology to promote financial inclusion goals globally. ​
Output Documents

Trust Workstream

The main objectives of the Trust workstream are to: 

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