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Virtual forum on "The Role of Standards in Accelerating Digital Transformation for Cities and Communities"

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) organized the Virtual Forum on “The Role of Standards in Accelerating Digital Transformation for Cities and Communities". This forum took place virtually from 13h30-16h00 CEST on 23 April 2021

​Recognizing the transformative potential of digital technologies and the urgency to develop a shared vision on digital transformation, the objective of this virtual forum was to explore the role of international standards and good practices for developing, driving and accelerating digital transformation in cities and communities. This virtual forum brought together policy makers, city leaders, private sector and academia representatives.​

Captioning was​ available for this virtual forum. 

The Outcome Document can be found here.​

Watch recording of the session ​here ​


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Opening Remarks
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Session 1: How standards can support digital transformation in cities & communities? 
International standards are developed on consensus and best practices from around the world, they can provide important guidance and policy recommendations for cities to use in order to set their priorities, navigate global challenges and implement innovative solutions. This session will provide an opportunity to explore the role of international standards in providing the necessary guidance to accelerate cities’ digital transformation. ​

Moderator: Javier García Díaz, Director General, UNE​ 
Questions & Answers
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Session 2: COVID-19 is accelerating city digital transformation: the role of industry and UN initiatives
The shock of the pandemic has driven change and transformation across city leaders, unlocking technological change via cultural change, and it was an incredible accelerant. Enabling a city-wide digital transformation requires understanding the needs of all stakeholders, spanning consumers, corporates, SMEs, and policymakers. By understanding these needs, digital transformation can be realized with the adoption of pertinent new technologies and behaviors that are worthwhile for all involved. This session will provide a platform to present some of the key industry initiatives that are helping to advance the digital transformation of cities and communities.
Moderator: Bilel Jamoussi, Chief of Study Groups, TSB, ITU
Questions & Answers​
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Session 3:  Outcome Document and Closing Remarks
This session will discuss and summarize the key actions to be undertaken by ITU together with interested stakeholders to assist cities and communities with their digital transformation.
Outcome Document