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HATS Interoperability event on NGN supported by ITU and APT



ITU is supporting regional Interoperability events organized by regional/national SDOs, etc. using ITU-T Recommendations, to help increase the level of interoperability between products produced by different manufacturers with different implementations, as well as to promote the adoption of ITU-T Recommendations, especially in developing countries.

Such a collaboration model is being developed with, among others, HATS (Harmonization of Advanced Telecommunication Systems, Japan), through HATS interoperability events on NGN since 2012 (Japan). The series of  these events, including the APT/ITU Conformance and Interoperability events in 2013 and 2014 (Thailand) where HATS participated, showed a success in achieving greater interoperability of NGN based on ITU-T Recommendations (see Report).

This year, as a part of this collaboration, the HATS interoperability event on NGN will take place on 14-16 July 2015, Tokyo, Japan, with the support from ITU and APT.


Scope of testing

This test event is open to engineers (both HATS Members and non-Members) developing NGN solutions incorporating ITU-T Q.3402 "NGN UNI signaling profile (Protocol set 1)". The testing will include categories such as, VoIP, Video Phone and Video Conference, HDTV Conference, and will be conducted using test suites described in ITU-T Q. 3948 "Service testing framework for VoIP at the user-to-network interface of next generation networks" and ITU-T Q.3949 "Real-time multimedia service testing framework at the user-to-network interface of next generation networks".

A remote testing participation will also be possible using Internet VPN for those who cannot come and bring their equipment to the event venue.


Expected outcome

Anonymized testing results will be reported to the workshop in September 2015 during APT/ITU Conformance and Interoperability event and will be feed into ITU-T Study Group 11.