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2nd APT/ITU Conformance and Interoperability Event


The 2nd joint APT/ITU event will foster understanding of ITU and APT members on C&I issues and promote C&I related activities of ITU and APT in the APT region, and contribute to capability building and solution for interoperability issues of APT member countries. It is also expected that the event would generate feedback to the ITU Study Groups for further study.


The event will consist of the following three parts: Interoperability testing, showcasing and workshop. It is scheduled as follows:

  • Interoperability testing (Morning of 25th August 2014)
  • Showcasing (14:00 25th – afternoon of  27th August 2014)
  • workshop (26th August 2014)

The testing part of the event will include an interoperability testing of products which are based on the ITU-T Recommendations. Manufacturers and service providers are encouraged to bring their products and participate to check interoperability. The results of the interoperability testing can be shared among the participants of the interoperability testing with bilateral agreement bases, such as nondisclosure agreements (NDAs). It could cover technologies and services such as:

  • NGN (VoIP, Video conference)
  • IPTV/internet TV

The showcasing part will be a demonstration of the emerging products made by participating manufacturers and research institutes. This part aims to underscore advanced technologies and ongoing standardization work at ITU-T. It could cover technologies and services such as:

  • IPTV/internet TV
  • NGN E2E service
  • M2M/IoT/e-Health
  • Speech and Natural Language Proceeding
  • IPv6

The workshop will cover the presentations on C&I-related activities and issues which are commonly raised in ICT market. The Workshop will remain a platform for discussions on possible solutions of incompatible ICT products which might be based on the global ITU C&I approach. This discussion will be supported by simultaneous testing and showcasing events where several examples might be provided.