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APT/ITU Conformance and Interoperability event (Bangkok, Thailand 9-10 September 2013)


The joint APT/ITU event will aim to foster understanding and promote ITU C&I Programme and relevant activities in the APT region. The event will allow APT and ITU members to learn about frequent C&I issues raised in the Region and give relevant feedback to the ITU SGs for further study.

Nowadays, APT Region is playing a very important role in ITU work and as it was identified on the latest 21st APT Standardization Program Forum (ASTAP21), ASTAP works to build cooperation in the region and assists APT members in their efforts to expand their ICT standardization capacities. Following this objective ASTAP harmonizes national standards and ensures that the Region’s needs are taken into account by ITU-T Recommendations.

The workshop will cover the presentations on C&I-related activities and issues which are commonly raised in ICT market. The Workshop will remain a platform for discussions on possible solutions of incompatible ICT products which might be based on the global ITU C&I approach. This discussion will be supported by simultaneous testing and showcasing events where several examples might be provided.

The event will consist of the following three parts: workshop, C&I testing and showcasing. It is scheduled as follows:
            - Workshop (Afternoon of 9th and 10th September 2013)
            - Conformance and Interoperability testing (9th - 10th September 2013)
            - Showcasing (9th - 14th September 2013)

The event is open to all ICT players including member states, vendors, operators, regulators and standards development organizations (SDOs).


The on-line registration is availbale on the APT web site. Otherwise the registration form should be sent to the APT secretariat via E-mail or Fax.
The registration is opened up to 19 July 2013

Fax: +66 2 5737479​