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Internet related performance measurements

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The measurement of Internet speed becomes an important matter, when ICT players (e.g. operators, regulators, customers) try to assess whether it is compliant with the speed value indicated in relevant customer's Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The Internet's access speed is normally advertised by fixed and mobile operators, however in most cases customers do not have a global standardized mechanism to verify it.

Currently, the Internet provides various ways to assess the Internet speed. However most of them measure the speed between customers and servers which are located outside of the operator's network, therefore this measure can’t be compared with the value written in the customer’s SLA.

Actually, customers are mostly interested in the assessment of the access speed to a particular Internet service (e.g. movie on YouTube, TV on Google TV, web surfing, etc.), as this would allow them to compare the offers from various operators.

Taking all this into account, the development of a unified approach to measure the Internet speed would be advantageous.The establishment of such a framework would inspire greater consumer confidence in advertised speeds and ensure that accurate comparisons can be made between offerings from different operators.

This webpage provides all interested parties with ITU-T's relevant activities on Internet related performance measurements.​

Description of issue

As the accessibility of Internet resources is important for customers, this resource contains a description of the common issues of the existing global Internet measurement systems which are not suitable for managing the customer's SLA.

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Best practice

Some regions and countries have successfully launched their own approaches aiming to evaluate Internet access speed.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) generated a list of countries which launched the Internet speed measurement systems. The list is available here.

ITU's standardization activities

Bearing in mind that fixed and mobile operators play a significant role in the access to the Internet, ITU-T started drafts Recommendations which describe a framework and a unified methodology of Internet related performance measurements.

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