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Maritime related reports (Reports ITU-R M series)

This page contains links to the ITU-R M series reports, related to maritime radiocommunications.

Links to report by subject


SubjectTittleReport Number
FacsimileBlack and white facsimile transmissions over combined metallic and radio circuits in the maritime mobile service and in the maritime mobile-satellite serviceReport ITU-R M.588
Maritime mobile-satellite service and the
Cospas-Sarsat System
Link power budgets for a maritime mobile-satellite serviceReport ITU-R M.760
Availability of communications circuits in the maritime mobile-satellite service     Report ITU-R M.918
Protection of the 406-406.1 MHz bandReport ITU-R M.2359
Scenarios and performance of an integrated MSS system operating in frequency bands below 3 GHzReport ITU-R M 2398
Use of non-geostationary orbit mobile satellite systems to enhance maritime safetyReport ITU-R M.2369
Digital Selective CallingChannel requirements for a digital selective-calling systemReport ITU-R M.908
Use of MF/HF DSC for automatic connection of calls in the maritime-mobile service MF and HF bands to the public switched networkReport ITU-R M.1161
Direct-dial telephone systems for the maritime mobile serviceReport ITU-R M.2009
Data CommunicationData communication in the maritime mobile services using MF, HF and VHF frequenciesReport ITU-R M.1158

Automatic Identification System


Characteristics of an automatic identification system for VHF and UHF transmitting stations in the maritime mobile serviceReport ITU-R M.1159
Satellite detection of automatic identification system messagesReport ITU-R M.2084
Automatic Identification System VHF Data Link LoadingReport ITU-R M.2287
Technical assessment of RR Appendix 18-Channel usage to protect automatic identification system channels and also protect any additional channels that may be allocated to support automatic identification system technology applications
Report ITU-R M.2372
Navigation related Transmission of digital data for the updating of electronic chart display systems (ECDIS)Report ITU-R M.1165
Technical characteristics of GPS differential transmissions from maritime radio beaconsReport ITU-R M.1166
VHFImproved efficiency in the use of the band 156-174 MHz by stations in the maritime mobile serviceReport ITU-R M.2010
VHF data exchange system channel sounding campaignReport ITU-R M.2317
Selection of the channel plan for a VHF data exchange systemReport ITU-R M.2371
Use of Appendix 18 to the Radio Regulations for the maritime mobile serviceReport ITU-R M.2231
Technical studies on the satellite component of the VHF data exchange system 
Report ITU-R M.2435
GMDSSEngineering guidance for operators to upgrade
shore-based facilities to operate the global maritime distress and safety system in the A1, A2 and A3/A4 sea areas
Report ITU-R M.2027
RadarsAssessment of interference to radars operating within the 2 700-2 900 MHz band from broadband wireless systems operating in adjacent frequency bandsReport ITU-R M.2316
HF/MFModifications of Appendix 17 of the Radio Regulations (Frequencies and channeling arrangements in the high-frequency bands for the maritime mobile service) for a possible solution of agenda item 1.13 (Resolution 351 (WRC-03))Report ITU-R M.2082

Digital voice communication system on MF/HF radio channels of the maritime mobile service for shore-to-ship/ ship-to-shore applicationsReport ITU-R M.2288
NAVDAT Guidelines            Report ITU-R M.2443
Sharing between the maritime mobile service and the aeronautical radio navigation service in the band 415-526.5 kHzReport ITU-R M.910
Utilization of the 495-505 kHz band by the maritime mobile service for the digital broadcasting of safety and security related information from shore-to-ships   Report ITU-R M.2201
Maritime survivor locating systems Maritime survivor locating systems and devices (man overboard systems) - An overview of systems and their mode of operationReport ITU-R M.2285