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Download ship stations, coast stations and MMSI assigned to AtoN(s) (Restricted Access)


The purpose of this service is to enable Administrations to download a file containing all ship stations that they have notified to the ITU for further review.


Only Administrations, that have ship stations registered in this database, can access this service. Administrations can download only those ship stations, for which they have jurisdiction. Administrations shall be provided with an account number, on receipt of a formal request.

Please refer to Circular letter CM/10.


​Downloaded data is in the same format as described in Annex 2 to Circular Letter CM/18.


​Please note that the character * (star) , in the user name
is no longer valid.
It has been replaced with the character 
_ (underscore).
Please use the character _ in the username, from now on

Example:  mars*country symbol is replaced with mars_country symbol.

Download   (Restricted Access)