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Accounting Authorities


Registration of Accounting Authorities

The registering Administration should notify through an official email to the Radiocommunication Bureau

 - the name(s) and address(es) of the accounting authority(ies) with their respective identification codes.

 - the cancellation of the registration. 

An Administration that accepts an accounting authority outside its own country for maritime mobile stations under its flag, is responsible for notifying the ITU of this fact and of the Accounting Authority Identification Code (AAIC) allocated to that accounting authority.

Recommendation ITU-T D.90
Recommendation ITU-T D-95

General information

An accounting authority acts as a billing intermediary between the maritime mobile station and service providers. The role of an accounting authority may be undertaken by an Administration; a recognized operating agency (ROA); or any other entity or entities designated for this purpose by the Administration.
An accounting authority must be registered with an Administration and subject to a periodic review (for example, annually) by the Administration or its national regulatory body on the financial position and effectiveness of each accounting authority. 

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