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ITU Workshop on Short Range Devices and Ultra Wide Band (Geneva, 3 June 2014, 11:00-18:00)*

The harmonization of spectrum usage to facilitate maximum gain and efficiency of SRD global adoption is imperative in order to accommodate the explosive growth and cross border proliferation of short range radiocommunication devices (SRDs), including global adoption of Ultra Wide Band (UWB), in an effort to encourage both an organized and fully realized implementation of the newest technologies available. In addition, recent studies may provide opportunities for additional global or regional harmonization.
The purpose of the Workshop is to identify the areas of spectrum that can be globally or regionally harmonized to facilitate global adoption of SRD applications and their related technologies. The information presented during the workshop as well as the views, comments, prescriptive measures and suggestions exchanged during discussions may then be considered further, as appropriate.
Resolution ITU-R 54-1 invites the ITU-R membership, including administrations as well as standardization, scientific and industrial organizations to participate actively in these studies and to consider the study results with a view to take necessary action in relation with the administrations’ national regulations for SRDs, as appropriate. The workshop may also help to identify activities which can lead to inclusion of additional frequency opportunities for SRDs in Recommendation ITU-R SM.1896 on global and regional harmonization of SRDs.
In response to an initiative from CEPT, the Workshop is organized by the ITU in order to taken into account the interests from all regions on these topics.
The Workshop will include a brief introduction of the above-mentioned ITU-R framework for the studies on these topics (including Resolution ITU-R 54), a review of the status of SRD harmonization around the world, the status of the ITU-R studies, as well as some examples of specific SRDs for regional or global harmonization and latest developments and new studies on UWB and RFID. It will conclude with a Panel discussion on guidelines for further work.
It should be noted that the Workshop is not intended for the presentation of proposals/contributions to Working Party 1B.
Mr. Sergey Pastukh, Chairman, ITU-R SG 1
* (in conjunction with the June 2014 block of meetings of ITU-R Study Group 1)