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ITU Workshop Overview of activities of ITU-R Study Group 3 on radiowave propagation (World Forum, The Hague, The Netherlands, 10 April 2014, 15h00 - 18h20)



Activities critical points and future needs.pdfP. McKennaActivities critical points and future needs2014-04-10 10:31
Introduction to ITU-R.pdfD. BothaIntroduction to ITU-R2014-04-09 17:21
Ionospheric propagation, surface waves and radio noise.pdfL. BarclayIonospheric propagation, surface waves and radio noise2014-04-14 13:56
Overview of SG 3, some key aspects and working methods.pdfB. Arbesser-RastburgOverview of SG 3, some key aspects and working methods2014-04-09 16:15
Point‐to‐point and Earth‐space propagation.pdfC. WilsonPoint‐to‐point and Earth‐space propagation2014-04-09 17:10
Propagation fundamentals.pdfM. PontesPropagation fundamentals2014-04-09 17:31
Software databanks and testing procedures_AMartellucci_v2d2.pdfA. Martellucci/C. RivaSoftware databanks and testing procedures_AMartellucci_v2d22014-04-10 12:00