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ITU Workshop on ‘Interference to DAB reception’ co-organized by ITU and EBU – Geneva, Switzerland, 18 October 2018

​​​​​​​18 October 2018 - Joint ITU/EBU Workshop on Interference to DAB reception, to be held at ITU Headquarter in Geneva.​

The workshop on “Interference to DAB reception”, is being jointly organized by the ITU and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), aims at raising the awareness of the broadcasters, broadcast network operators, manufacturers and regulators about the actual cases of interference to DAB reception in Band III (174-230MHz) by various sources of electromagnetic interference.​

This workshop will cover the following topics, inter alia:​​

All ITU memberships: Member States, Radiocommunication Sector Members, Associates of ITU-R SG6 and Academia are invited to attend this meeting.​
Participants representing ITU-T or ITU-D Sector Members and Associates that do not have Designated Focal Points for registration to ITU-R activities are invited to contact itu-r to registered to this event. ​