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Seminar on Virtual Reality and 360 in Broadcasting

​​17 October 2016 – "Seminar on Virtual Reality and 360 in Broadcasting", to be held at ITU Headquarters in Geneva.
This Seminar is an introduction to the current state of the industry on Virtual Reality (VR) and 360 technologies which are spreading rapidly throughout both the broadcast and consumer electronics industries. Standards and recommended practices are subsequently being developed.
This Seminar will cover the following topics:
This Seminar will be followed by a demonstration of current VR technologies.
All ITU membership: Member States, Sector Members, Associates, Academia are invited to attend this event.  
Participants are required to register online through their respective Designated Focal Points (DFP)*.
The UN accredited media are also invited. Media Advisory to follow.
This Seminar provides an excellent opportunity for dialogues among multi-stakeholders in public and private sectors; it also features a small exhibition to showcase innovative products and services of ITU members in the TV industry.

Participants representing ITU-T or ITU-D Sector Members and Associates that do not have a DFP for registration to ITU-R activities are invited to contact to be registered to this event.