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WP 6C - Current work items

collapse Subject : AI&AIAV ‎(2)
Continuation of a Rapporteur Group on AIAV systemsAnnex 12 to 6C/467AI&AIAV
Continuation of Rapporteur on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in broadcastingAnnex 13 to 6C/467AI&AIAV
collapse Subject : Audio ‎(3)
Workplan to develop loudness measurement algorithm for object-based and scene-based audioAnnex 06 to 6C/467Audio
Continuation of the Rapporteur Group on the ADM Renderer for advanced sound systems (RG-33) with modified terms of referenceAnnex 09 to 6C/467Audio
Continuation of the rapporteur group on Loudness measurement algorithm (RG-32) with Modified Terms of ReferenceAnnex 10 to 6C/467Audio
collapse Subject : HDR ‎(2)
Establishment of Correspondence Group "Strategic review of ITU-R Reports on HDR"Annex 08 to 6C/467HDR
Continuation of Rapporteur Group (RG 24) on HDR-TVAnnex 11 to 6C/467HDR
collapse Subject : Video ‎(5)
Preliminary draft new Recommendation ITU-R BT.[MIL] - An objective measurement algorithm for monitoring and managing the brightness of high dynamic range televisionAnnex 01 to 6C/467Video
Working document towards a preliminary draft new Recommendation ITU-R BT.[REQ-MIL] - Requirements and Applications for Mean Image Level metersAnnex 02 to 6C/467Video
Working document toward preliminary draft revision of Recommendation ITU-R BT.1790 - Requirements for monitoring of broadcasting chains during operationAnnex 03 to 6C/467Video
Preliminary draft revision of Annex a "New colour appearance models" of the Report ITU-R BT.2380 - Television colorimetry elementsAnnex 04 to 6C/467Video
Proposed suppression of Recommendations ITU-R BT.710, ITU-R BT.812, ITU-R BT.1129, ITU-R BT.1382, ITU-R BT.1663, ITU-R BT.1788, ITU-R BT.2021, ITU-R BT.2022 and ITU-R BT.2035Annex 05 to 6C/467Video