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IMT-Advanced-Satellite submission and evaluation process

ITU-R has commenced the process of developing ITU-R Recommendations for the satellite component of the IMT-Advanced radio interface(s).

This work is guided by Resolution ITU-R 57. This web page has been established to facilitate the development of proposals for the satellite component of the radio interface(s) for IMT-Advanced and their subsequent evaluation.

Requirements, evaluation criteria and submission templates for the development of IMT-Advanced-Satellite

Vision and Requirements for the satellite radio interface(s) of IMT-Advanced

Submission and evaluation process for candidate RIT/SRITs

Submission and evaluation process and consensus building Schedule Process Intellectual Property Rights Submissions
Initial submissions
Submissions received under Step 3 by the 21 May 2012 deadline (with acknowledgement from WP 4B) Evaluation Groups Evaluation Reports Informative materials
Materials to be provided later