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Working Party 1C Rapporteur and Correspondence Groups

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​​​​​Correspondence Group on developing a draft new Report
for estimating population coverage
for public terrestrial broadcasting networks​​

Chairman: Vadym Blagodarnyi​ (​​

sharepoint (002).jpg​​​​​​​​​​​​​​rwp1c-cg-pop-cov
Correspondence Group on the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Spectrum Monitoring and measurements towards a preliminary draft new Report ITU-R SM.[UAVs] and Recommendation ITU-R SM.[UAVs]​

Chairman: Mike Moffitt​​ (​​​

sharepoint (002) ​​​​ rwp1c-cg-uav-mon​​​​
​​​​Correspondence Group on the development of a draft new Recommendation on field strength measurement accuracy

Chairman: Wang Jingtao (​

sharepoint (002).jpg​​​​​​​​​​rwp1c-cg-fs-accuracy
Correspondence Group on Consideration of practical estimation of electromagnetic and interference environment at the point of location of measurements in GNSS frequency bands​

Chairman: Stanislav Kizima​ (​​

sharepoint (002).jpg ​​ rwp1c-cg-meas-gnss
​Correspondence Group on the development of a draft new Report
ITU-R SM.[EMF-MON] on electromagnetic field measurements
to assess human exposure

Chairman: Haim Mazar (Madjar) (

sharepoint (002).jpg​​​​​​​​rwp1c-cg-emf-mon
Correspondence Group on the development of a draft new Recommendation on test procedure for measuring geolocation accuracy based on TDOA

Chairman: Yang Junteng​ (

​​​​ sharepoint (002).jpg rwp1c-cg-tdoa-acc
Correspondence Group on performance evaluation of mobile DF units
in operational environment towards a preliminary draft new Recommendation

Chairman: Andreas A. Agius (

sharepoint (002).jpg​​​​​ rwp1c-cg-mob-df​​

Correspondence Group on the revision of Rec. ITU-R SM.1392-2
on essential requirements for a spectrum monitoring
system for developing countries

Chairman: Mubarak Al-Sawafi (

sharepoint (002).jpg rwp1c-cg-1392​

Correspondence Group on DVB-T/T2 coverage measurements
and evaluation of planning criteria towards a review
of Rec. ITU-R SM.1875-2

Chairman: Thomas Hasenpusch (

sharepoint (002).jpg rwp1c-cg-dvbt-coverage​

Correspondence Group on Spectrum Monitoring Evolution

Chairman: Duan Hongtao (

sharepoint (002).jpg ​rwp1c-cg-evolution

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