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ITU-R Preliminary Studies for WRC-23

​​Resolution 810 (WRC-15) contains the WRC-23 preliminary agenda.

WRC-23 preliminary agenda Item
IssueWRC Resolution   (English only)
Responsible Group(s)Information from Responsible Group(s) TIES
2  (6) -



2.1  (6) Res. 361 (WRC-15)
2.2  (6) Res. 656 (WRC-15)
2.3  (6) Res. 657 (WRC-15)
2.4  (6) Res. 161 (WRC-15)
2.5  (6) Res. 235 (WRC-15)


Notes related to the information from the Responsible Groups

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Framework/Work Plan/Milestones/Organization of studies


Working Document towards Draft CPM text

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Chapters of the draft CPM Report to WRC-19
Chapter 1 - Land mobile and fixed services
Chapter 2 - Broadband applications in mobile service
Chapter 3 - Satellite services
Chapter 4 - Science services
Chapter 5 - Maritime, aeronautical and amateur services
Chapter 6 - General issues
WRC-23 preliminary agenda ItemIssueTitle

on the basis of proposals from administrations and the Report of the Conference Preparatory Meeting, and taking account of the results of WRC 19, to consider and take appropriate action in respect of the following items:


to consider possible spectrum needs and regulatory actions to support Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) modernization and the implementation of e navigation, in accordance with Resolution 361 (WRC 15)


​to conduct, and complete in time for WRC 23, studies for a possible new allocation to the Earth exploration-satellite (active) service for spaceborne radar sounders within the range of frequencies around 45 MHz, taking into account the protection of incumbent services, in accordance with Resolution 656 (WRC 15)


in accordance with Resolution 657 (WRC 15), to review the results of studies relating to the technical and operational characteristics, spectrum requirements and appropriate radio service designations for space weather sensors, with a view to providing appropriate recognition and protection in the Radio Regulations without placing additional constraints on incumbent services


study of spectrum needs and possible new allocations to the fixed-satellite service in the frequency band 37.5-39.5 GHz (Earth-to-space), in accordance with Resolution 161 (WRC 15)


to review the spectrum use and spectrum needs of existing services in the frequency band 470-960 MHz in Region 1 and consider possible regulatory actions in the frequency band 470 694 MHz in Region 1 on the basis of the review in accordance with Resolution 235 (WRC 15)