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“Connecting the World from the Skies” Co-organized by ITU-R and CITC of Saudi Arabia


“A joint ITU-CITC event organised in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) with possibility of remote participation from 8-10 Novembre 2022”

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The evolution of wireless connectivity is accelerating as a mesh of different wireless infrastructures are being deployed beyond the Earth's surface. These include GSO and HEO satellites, MEO and LEO satellite constellations, as well as High Altitude Platforms (HAPs), Low Altitude Platforms (LAPs), and air-to-ground (A2G) networks. All of these are currently being developed, tested and in some cases, deployed in an operational capacity.

Each of these types of wireless networks has a role to play in addressing connectivity gaps and use cases through integration with each other as well as with other terrestrial network components. These network components and infrastructures are simultaneously evolving and coming together to form new types of integrated wireless network topologies.

In order to connect the unconnected in a sustainable manner worldwide, the impact of these technological evolutions on the outer space environment as well as the impact of space-borne and airborne infrastructure on scientific observations and gathering of celestial and atmospheric information needs to be managed under certain internationally agreed protocols: among other subjects, the forum will also discuss how open skies policies can be complemented by dark and quiet skies policies.

This forum will extensively address airborne and space-borne communication networks from technology, space and science policy perspectives. It will be of interest to representatives from both the public and private sectors, and in particular radiocommunication and space industry innovators, researchers, ICT and technology stakeholders, as well as spectrum policy makers from national regulators and other relevant international bodies.

Keynote presentations, moderated panel discussions and technology demonstrations will showcase the variety of technological solutions that can provide connectivity through airborne and space-borne networks. In addition, tutorials about both technical aspects and non-technical impacts of these technologies will be run during the forum.

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