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“Radio Spectrum for IMT-2020 and beyond: Fostering Commercial and Innovative Use”, Co-organized by ITU-R and CITC of Saudi Arabia


​8-10 December 2020 | Held Online​ | All Tim​es GMT+3 (Saudi Arabia Standard Time) | Language: English

About the Event​ ​​​​

The recent World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-2019) identified a large amount of spectrum for IMT. The growing opportunities for wideband spectrum access, coupled with ongoing technological advancement, mean that 5G promises to serve as a unified platform for a new era in digital transformation. National spectrum policy makers must also take a holistic view, if emerging wireless technologies are to be adopted by a range of diverse radio services across many different sectors.

​This event will discuss a holistic vision that outlines the potential for radio spectrum to transform the world into a digital society, through enabling different industries and acting on current spectrum demand, while also proactively anticipating future needs. ​

Fulfilling this vision requires future-oriented spectrum policy development, where the needs of spectrum users are anticipated through engagement, in order to promote certainty and investment. Key to this is proactively seeking opportunities to optimize spectrum for the benefit of users, maximizing the value of spectrum to society, and ensuring that the spectrum is used efficiently and economically in conformance with the provisions of the Radio Regulations.

​To “Foster Commercial and Innovative Uses”, spectrum policy makers must promote innovation in the commercial use of spectrum, by increasing access through both licensed and unlicensed approaches, and by ensuring that spectrum management practices account for competitive dimensions and tackle the challenges facing 5G+ deployment.

In order for a country to position itself among the leading nations in unlocking innovative high-performance use cases, it must first “Accelerate Innovation and Emerging Radio Technologies”, to enable use cases that rely on eased access to spectrum. In this way, market innovation can enable industry verticals and provide a springboard for transformation to a digital society.​​​ ​

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