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Space station coordination requests received but not yet published

 Explanation of the columns and symbols used

Title Field Definition
AMS   act_code  

code indicating the action to be taken on the entity​


country symbol of the notifying administration​


​Date when the filing was received by the Bureau's registry

Date IFIC   D_IFIC  

Date of the BR IFIC / WIC in which it has been published​

IFIC number   IFIC_NO  

Number of the BR IFIC / WIC in which it has been published​

long_nom   long_nom  

nominal longitude of space station​

Notice ID   ntc_id  

Unique identifier of the notice​

ORG   ntwk_org  

symbol of the organization operating regional or international satellite networks​

Satellite name   sat_name  
Identity of the satellite network

Coordination requests

​The coordination requests concerning satellite networks received but not yet published are listed in order of their date of receipt.

Any Administration requiring additional information on a network listed in the following List prior to publication by the Bureau is requested to kindly address its inquiry directly to the responsible Administration

Date of reception

​The date of reception given is the date of reception of the relevant Appendix 4 notice forms in the registry of the Radiocommunication Bureau. The formal date for the order of processing of a request by the Bureau will only be established when the detailed examination of the conformity of the information received have been completed. In consequence, the fact that a network is included in this List does not necessarily imply that the submitted information fulfils all the relevant mandatory regulatory provisions.