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Submission electronic filing


The World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15) revised Appendix 4 of the Radio Regulations, with application as from 01 January 2017.

As from January 2017, administrations are required to use the new BRSOFT 8.0 when submitting space service notices.

For more details please see CR 411

BR Address

Notices submitted by e-mail should only be sent to the official BR e-mail address:

File of the submission

When Administrations submit electronic filings to the Bureau for several satellite networks or earth stations each network or station should be filed in a separate Directory or Folder

Each Directory/Folder should then contain the following files, as appropriate, for that particular network or station:

Graphical data

​The Bureau draws your attention to resolves 6 of Resolution 55 (REV. WRC-15), which encourages Administrations to submit all graphical data in a format compatible with the BR data capture software (GIMS). Although it will still be possible to submit diagrams in paper format, as provided for under resolves 6 of Resolution 55 (WRC-15), administrations are urged and encouraged to make use of the electronic GIMS mdb format whenever possible so that they can benefit from the improved version of the software tools before submitting their satellite network filings to the Bureau.

From 01 January 2013, the only receivable electronic format for submission of graphical information is GIMS mdb. GIMS GXT files are not receivable.

For more details please see CR 337.