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Delegates attending ITU conferences and meetings may benefit from special terms in a number of hotels in Geneva. The following procedure should be followed in order to simplify the reservation of hotel rooms on the special terms extended.
  • Delegates must reserve their room direct, i.e. not through an intermediary such as a travel agency or airline etc, at one of the hotels on this list.
  • They must confirm the booking by mailing or faxing this generic confirmation form, which must give their credit card number by way of guarantee.
  • Bookings that are not guaranteed by a credit card will be held only until 18.00 hours.
  • When checking in, delegates may be required to provide evidence that they are attending an ITU meeting (badge or invitation letter).
The ITU has established this procedure, but it should be noted that it will not deal with reservations.


The ITU Staff Counseling Service is available to provide assistance to meeting participants for matters of a personal or urgent nature. The Service is situated in Office T.062 of the ITU Tower (T) Building, extension 5380.
The services of a nurse are available to participants from 0845 - 1230 and 1400 - 1730 hours. The medical service is on the ground floor of the ITU Varembé (V) Building (Office V.16 - extension 5397).
Between 1230 and 1400 hours, in case of an emergency, participants may contact the Security Service, extension 119.
After 1730 hours, you may go to the "Permanence Médicale" 9A, rue de Vermont, which is open 24 hours, 7 days a week,
+41 22 734 5150.


A bank (UBS SA Vermont-Nations) is situated across the street from the ITU Tower entrance.
Opening hours:
0830-1630 (Monday - Friday) without interruption


A post office is situated at Rue de Varembé 15, next to the CICG entrance. 
Opening hours:
0800-1200 / 1400-1800 (Monday - Friday)
0830-1130 (Saturday)


A self-service cafeteria is situated between the ITU Varembé (V) and Montbrillant (M) buildings. Restaurant "Le Satellite" is located on the 15th floor of the Tower (T) Building.


Wired Internet access Wired Internet access is available in the ITU meeting rooms H, K, L, M and Popov as well as at the Cybercafé.
Delegates can obtain support from the Service Desk located at the ground floor of the ITU Varembé Building (Office V.29). The Service Desk can be reached at extension 6666.


You want to discover Geneva and its surroundings? You want to find a restaurant? The Tourist Office will help you and answer your questions. It is situated at Rue du Mont-Blanc 18,
+41 22 909 7000.
Opening hours:
1000-1800 (Monday)
0900-1800 (Tuesday - Saturday) without interruption
1000-1600 (Sunday and public holidays) without interruption