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ITU Telecom World 2019: Accelerating Digital Transformation Through an ICT-Centric
Budapest, Hungary  09 September 2019

Accelerating Digital Transformation Through an ICT-Centric Ecosystem
Opening remarks
Doreen Bogdan-Martin
Director, ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau
16:00-16:05, Room 4 'Helicopter'

​Honourable Ministers,
Heads of National Regulatory Authorities,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to this High-level session on Accelerating Digital Transformation through an ICT-Centric Ecosystem.

Innovation is an essential part of a thriving ICT sector, and, more broadly, a thriving economy.

It enables businesses to develop new and useful ICT solutions, and creates jobs, wealth, and economic growth.

A national 'innovation culture' is built through the strong support of a multi-stakeholder community, including government ministries, regulatory authorities, the business sector, incubators, civil society, and academia.

By promoting dialogue on the challenges and opportunities we face daily in promoting innovation and supporting innovators, we can help define solutions and improvements.

International dialogues like this one also help bridge digital knowledge divides, allowing us to learn from one another, and creating a more equitable world where more and more people can benefit from the transformative power of ICTs.

ITU is committed to helping its Member States promote innovation in their own ecosystems. Innovation has been a core ITU action for some years now, with a dedicated Resolution that was further strengthened at both WTDC- 17, and at PP-18.

Sustainable, durable innovation comes about when governments not only create an enabling environment, but also take an active role in catalysing partnerships with innovation stakeholders.

This high-level session will present both public and private sector perspectives on how innovation helps build an ICT-centric ecosystem. It will also look at the importance of collaboration and cooperation within and across global regions.

I look forward to hearing first-hand from our panellists about their own experiences and lessons learned in developing an ICT-centric innovation culture in their own countries and markets.

Thank you.