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Meeting of the Com-ITU of CEPT
Copenhagen, Denmark  20 January 2016

Meeting of the Com-ITU of CEPT  

Copenhagen, Denmark

ECO Headquarters

20 January 2016

Welcome Remarks


Mr Brahima Sanou

Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau

International Telecommunication Union

Mr. Manuel Costa Cabral, Chairman of the Com-ITU of CEPT,

Distinguished Participants

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning and happy new year to you

It is my great pleasure to be with you today and to deliver some remarks during this opening ceremony.

Let me use this opportunity to reiterate, on behalf of all Elected Officials of ITU, our congratulations to for you Mr. Costa for your election as Chairman of Com-ITU. I thank you for inviting me to this first meeting of Com-ITU under your chairmanship.

I am here today because I recognize and pay tribute to CEPT and Com-ITU for the important role they play in ITU.

I am here today because I truly believe that regional organizations such as CEPT are to some extent the pillars of ITU, and strong coordination at regional level can only make ITU stronger.

I am also here today to express my gratitude to the Member States of Europe region who are contributing along with other stakeholders to the implementation of the Dubai Action plan and the achievement of concrete results particularly regarding the Regional Initiatives.

My colleague Jaroslaw Ponder the Coordinator of Europe Unit, who has been instrumental in these achievements, will certainly give more details during this meeting.

Ladies and gentlemen

Next WTDC to be held in November/December 2017. We will kick off the preparatory process with the Regional Preparatory Meeting for CIS in November 2016 and will conclude with Regional Preparatory Meeting for Europe, to be held back to back with the Com-ITU in April 2017 in Vilnius.

I would like to thank Lithuania for committing to host this important meeting and I invite all member states to contribute to this process of setting new priorities for Development sector for the next four years.

As we embark on this preparatory process I would like to share with you some suggestions for your consideration.

First, I would like to suggest that the theme of WTDC-17 be connected to the SDGs. The 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are the priorities set by our highest leaders, and ICT is the perfect tool for helping achieve them. WTDC-17 coming soon after the adoption of SDGs, such theme will give a strong signal to our leaders that we take the role of ICT very seriously in line with their agenda.

Second, I would like to suggest that we spend more time on strategic and partnership conversation during the conference. The Conference should become a real platform bringing together all the players and stakeholders of the ICT ecosystem for building partnership, making high level agreements and looking at innovative ways of financing and implementing projects in order to pave the way for the effective implementation of the new Action Plan.

In order to achieve such changes we need to bring some innovation in our way of working.

The preparatory process should require more attention. I invite you to the next TDAG meeting to be held from 16 to 18 March 2106. TDAG meeting will be preceded on 15th March by the Correspondence Group on the Strategic Plan, Operational Plan and Declaration. The Draft Strategic Plan and Action endorsed by this TDAG will be the main input to the RPMs in order to start the discussion of the Action plan during the RPMs.

We need also to reduce the number of resolutions and I intend to suggest to the TDAG Bureau the creation of a correspondence group on streamlining the resolutions with the objective of combining them where appropriate.

I strongly believe that this new approach will bring several efficiencies into the decision making process of the conference, paving the way for effective implementation.

I am aware that this will require significant efforts prior to the conference, including inter-regional coordination.

But I am confident that this is feasible and beneficial for the Development Sector as well as all stakeholders engaged.

In case you find this approach agreeable to you, I would like  to count on your support to further develop it.

Mr. Chairman

I recognized and deeply appreciated the role of Com-ITU in the success of WTDC-14. I count on the support of Com-ITU for the success of WTDC-17 under your leadership together with the vice chairmen that you will elect during this meeting.

Before I close, allow me to thank European Communication Office (ECO) for its collaboration with ITU and for hosting yesterday’s meeting of CoE Steering Committee.

I also want to thank you all for the great cooperation. I look forward to continue working with all of you.

Thank you.