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  • Geneva, Switzerland  08 July 2014
    Fostering participation of the Academic Sector of Argentina in the work of ITU

    ​Mr Brahima Sanou and Mr Norberto Berner, Secretary of Communications of the Argenitina's  Communications Ministry (SECOM) signed, on 24 June 2014, a project document to foster the participation of the Academia - universities, colleges, and business schools and other academic organizations - in the work of ITU.

    The Argentinean Administration has a longstanding partnership with ITU in development activities and projects in the ICT field. This pilot project, a first of its kind since the admission of academia to participate in ITU's work, represents an innovative model. It will encourage cooperative relationships between universities and their associated research establishments and manufacturers, operators and public authorities from across ITU's Member States.

    In addition, this project will strengthen Argentina's debate on a variety of issues of national and regional concern, as the project aims to integrate national academic knowledge and resources into the SECOM's work on ICT public policy and regulatory fields.

    "Crafting solutions to the challenges presented by the information society require the active participation of many sectors and the Academia will continue to play a key role in technological innovation and development," said Mr Sanou.  "I congratulate Argentina's efforts in bringing its Academic sector closer to ITU-D and I look forward to other countries joining this initiative." 

    , Mr Berner stated that "this project is part of a political strategy to broaden the base of participation of dominant national players in the sector, so as to strengthen Argentina's position in international organizations and increase its participation on issues technological importance."