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  • Geneva, Switzerland  30 July 2019
    GSR-19: Unlocking the full potential of digital technologies

    The ITU Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR) took place in Port Vila, Vanuatu, from 9-12 July.

    Regulators from around the world identified and endorsed a set of regulatory Best Practice ​Guidelines to fast forward digital connectivity and allow people everywhere to benefit from digital transformation and participate in today's digital economy. ​

    The Guidelines emphasize the need for a more actionable, collaborative, and innovative outcome-based approach to regulation. They urge regulators and all stakeholders to be open to new regulatory tools and solutions and act now.

    The GSR-19 Best Practice Guidelines call for the adoption of three new and innovative approaches for achieving inclusive digital infrastructure and services, based on:

    1. Core design principles for collaborative regulation − to help respond to new technology paradigms and business models.
    1. Benchmarks for regulatory excellence and market performance − grounding regulatory decisions in robust, multifaceted and thoughtfully interpreted evidence can prove instrumental in generating positive market dynamics in the short and long term.
    1. Regulatory tools and approaches at hand for enabling digital experimentation − to contribute towards improving digital market outcomes, countries need to leap forward to the next level of collaborative regulation with a new attitude and a new toolbox.

    At GSR we debated many of the obstacles and barriers to achieve global connectivity from affordability, to trust and security concerns, to lack of digital skills/awareness, to lack of relevant content.

    We laid out the key ingredients to tackle these barriers including collaboration, innovation, cooperation, community engagement, education, partnerships, and more… noting that there is no one right model no one right recipe - each country must adapt

    We reaffirmed, through frank and interactive conversations the urgency to act if we want to achieve inclusive connectivity - while being technologically inclusive too.

    Complacency is not an option. If we cannot tackle the connectivity challenge we will not achieve social and economic development - we will not achieve the 2030 agenda.

    This is our collective responsibility. The responsibility for each and every one of us.