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  • Geneva, Swizerland  01 October 2018
    ITU Wayfindr Cooperation Agreement on Capacity Building

    ITU and Wayfindr, a non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom, signed a cooperation agreement in August to deliver training on the design of audio-based navigation systems, which address the needs of persons with vision impairment.

    The training will be offered online through the ITU Academy platform.

    The target group for this training is diverse and includes government and private sector employees, members of the academia, policy makers, audio-based navigation system designers, professionals and consultants working in the field of ICT accessibility.

    The objective of the training is to provide learners with a better understanding of mobility challenges a person with visual impairments encounters on the street or while navigating inside buildings. The training will equip participants with techniques for the design of audio-based navigation instructions.

    “This training partnership is a further illustration of our ongoing efforts to respond to the growing demand for ICT training", says Brahima Sanou, Director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau. “Information and Communication Technologies can offer unprecedented socio-economic opportunities to people living with disabilities, they can facilitate their participation in the digital economy and accelerate the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals."

    “Audio-based indoor wayfinding will enable vision impaired persons and ultimately all persons with disabilities to navigate independently so that they can participate actively and confidently in their communities," says Florence Orban, Director of Wayfindr.  “Having our training included on the ITU Academy, will give audio-based wayfinding international recognition."

    The training includes learning activities such as quizzes, case studies, open forums and additional reading materials. The course structure provides learners with complete control of their own learning, allowing them to decide when to begin the training and work at their own pace, evaluate their own progress, and identify their strengths and areas of further development.

    To find out more about the training click here.