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ITU-D Events Mobile App

What is it?

The ITU-D Events application allows users to access, on their smart-phones and tablets, all relevant information and documents related to the major upcoming events of the Development Sector of ITU. 


Available for Android devices via the Google Play Store and for iOS devices via the Apple App Store.
Search for ITU-D events on device's store.


Qualities of the App

The App has been specifically designed and developed to integrate with existing ITU services and offer essential information for all major ITU-D events. Special emphasis has been put on developing an offline mode, enabling use of the app without an active Internet connection.

  • Offline mode, including for opened documents
  • Performance and low bandwidth requirements
  • Filtering option for quickly finding items in long lists



The app displays all events of the current year and can easily be filtered.



Documents of the meeting are available and can be filtered easily by any field, including title, question, source, etc.
Any documents opened are available offline as well.
Documents are secured behind TIES authentication.



The list of participants are available and secured behind TIES authentication.
There exists the option of sending customized electronic business cards to other participants.