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ICT Development Fund Projects

The ICT Development Fund (ICT-DF) contributes to sustainable development through the co-financing of ICT national, regional and global development projects.
The ICT-DF co-finances projects with partners from ITU Members, the public and private sector, multilateral organizations, financial institutions and development agencies.
ICT-DF is mainly targeted at supporting the least developed countries (LDCs), small island developing states (SIDS), landlocked developing countries, countries with economies in transition and/or countries in special need (countries emerging out of the war situations and/or natural disasters).
   Accelerating Africa’s Digital Transformation Through Connectivity

   Assistance for the Establishment of Sector Governance in Telecommunications in East Timor

   Benchmarking des TIC en Afrique Centrale

     Boosting digital skills through Digital Transformation Centres (DTCs)

   Bridging the Digital Gender Divide for Women Entrepreneurs

   Broadband Wireless Network - Burkina Faso

   Broadband Wireless Network - Burundi

   Broadband Wireless Network - Djibouti

   Broadband Wireless Network - Eswatini

   Broadband Wireless Network - Rwanda

   Broadband Wireless Network in Africa

   Broadband Wireless Network in the Kingdom of Lesotho

     Building capacity of harnessing ICTs for disempowered/marginalised communities in Sri Lanka

   Capacity Building and ICT Policy, Regulatory and Legislative Frameworks Support for Pacific Island States

     Capacity building and the development of ORTM Regional Stations

     Caribbean Nodes for Centre of Excellence in the Americas Region

     Centers of Excellence - Europe - Phase II

   Centre of Excellence for Eastern and Northern Asia - Russian Speaking Branch


     Centre of Excellence Network in the Americas Region - Phase II

     Centre of Excellence Network in the Arab Region - Phase II

     Centre of Excellence Network in the Asia-Pacific Region

     CIS Branch of the Centre of Excellence for CIS

     CoE Network for Africa

     Computer Training and Braille transcribing service in Ethiopia

   Connect a School, Connect a Community Initiative in the State of Palestine Project II

     Creating a Cybercafé for the blind and visually impaired people in Burkina Faso

     Creating a cyberspace and an integrated training center for people with disabilities in Mali

   Creating a Safe and Prosperous Cyberspace for Children

   Development of Satellite Communications Capacity and Emergency Communications Solutions for the Pacific Islands

   Digital Documentation Center on ICT - Morocco

   Enhancement of ITU CoE-Tap Telecom Phase I

     Enhancing competitiveness in the Caribbean through the harmonization of ICT Policies, Legislation and Regulatory Procedures (HIPCAR)

   Enhancing the Digital Ecosystem and Digital Skills for the economic empowerment of women in LDCs

   Establishment of a Cybersecurity Innovation Centre for the Arab Region

   Extension of Telemedicine to cover remote Areas in Zimbabwe

   Facilitating the Registration of Arab Top Level Domains

   Further developments to Spectrum Management System for Developing Countries (SMS4DC) software

   Giga and DAP – Promoting enabling policy and regulation (LDCs)

   ICT Applications Against Ebola Disease - Phase I

   International Telecommunication Union - Central Science Research Telecommunication Institute (ZNIIS): International Telecommunication Testing Centre

     ITU-AMD Learning Labs

   Least Developed Countries Infrastructure Protection Program - Project Framework

     Malawi Multi-purpose Community Telecentres Project

     MCT Projects for Special Initiative Groups

     Multipurpose Community Telecentres for Rural & Underserved areas of Sierra Leone

     Natural Disaster Early Warning System - Uganda

   PRIDA-ITU Delegation Agreement for Action

     Providing Assistance to Burkina Faso for the Implementation of the Concept of e-Cabinet

     Roadmap for Transition from Analogue to Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting and Mobile Television in Africa

   Roadmap for Transition from Analogue to Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting and Mobile Television in Asia and the Pacific

   Rural Telecommunications Development in Least Developed Countries

     School Connectivity in Five ITU Member States

   Set up IPv6 and IoT Expertise Center

     Strengthening the Training Capacity of the Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (Lao PDR)

   Strengthening Training Capacity in Wireless Networking in Africa

   Support for Harmonization of the ICT Policies in Sub-Sahara Africa (HIPSSA)

     Support for the Establishment of Harmonized Policies for the ICT Market in the ACP

   Technical Assistance and Training to Uganda on National ICT Development Strategy

   Telemedicine - Mauritania

     Zambia multi-Purpose Community Telecentres