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Innovation and Partnership Department (IP)

The Innovation and Partnership Department (IP) is responsible for activities related to ITU-D Membership, partnership, innovation, resource mobilization and strategic planning to help BDT accomplish its organizational golas. The work of the Department contributes to the development of partnerships and engages ITU-D Membership, including private-sector entities and academia to develop national ICT innovation policies and capacities and become active players in the Sustainable Development Agenda. The Department also supervises the work of the ITU-D Study Groups and administers the ICT Development Fund (ICT-DF).


Innovation Division:
Strengthens ITU-D Membership’s innovation capacity through promoting innovation dialogues in various ecosystems and developing initiatives by leveraging an innovation platform to facilitate demand-driven innovation.

Partnership-Building Division:
Enhances ITU-D Membership, mobilizes resources and fosters partnerships for projects, initiatives and activities through developing and implementing strategies, guidelines and tools.

Study Group Coordination Service:
Supports ITU-D Study Groups to develop Reports, Guidelines and Recommendations and make them available to the ITU-D Membership for the development of telecommunication/ICTs.