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e-Submission of Satellite Network Filings​

Access to e-Submission of Satellite ​​Network Filings:

​  Syst​​em was updated on 07.04.2019!

New lists for archived filings and comments, the search function by typing a reference number and "Contact Help desk" button to ask e-Submission support team for a help etc. were introduced. Please see System Update Information for new functionalities.

What is e-Submission of Satellite Network Filings?

The e-Submission of Satellite Network Filings is a secure paperless electronic approach for Administrations and Operators to submit all satellite network filings and comments with any attachment files.

This system has been develo​ped under Resolution 908 (Rev.WRC-15): Electronic submission and publication of satellite network filings.

​Abstract of the Procedure on the system abstract

As from 1 August 2018, all filings under Articles 9 and 11, Appendices 30, 30A and 30B and Resolutions 49 (Rev.WRC-15), 552 (Rev.WRC-15) and 553​ (Rev.WRC-15) in application of the procedures of the Radio Regulations, or their comments related to a BR IFIC, shall be submitted using the ITU web interface “e-Submission of satellite network filings”.

Please see Abstract of e-Submission page for m​​ore detailed.​​

​Important Notice 

The Bureau is NOT in a position to accept any submissions of satellite network filings or SpaceCom comments by email after 15 Jan​uary 2019 from all administrations other than exceptional cases.​ 

Please see here for all Notes for​ users for e-Submission.

What are the main features of e-Submission?

e-Submission of Satellite Network Filings is a secure paperless electronic approach for Administrations and Operators to submit all satellite network filings and comments, develo​ped responding to Resolution 908 (Rev.WRC-15).

Please see  Abstract of e-Submission for the background and purposes of e-Submission, users who can use this system, applicable provisions of this system and other main functions of this system.​​

How to get User accounts

  • ​​Administrations and Intergovernmental Satellite Organizati​ons are invited to communicate the initial list of one or more persons to be assigned their Manager roles to BR by fax.
  • The Administration Manager can assign people or entities to the roles of Administration Users, and Operator Managers/Users on the system.

Please see How to get User account​ for more details.​

User Categories

​e-Submission of Satellite Network Filings have 6 categories of user roles:
  1. Administration Manager
  2. Administration User
  3. Operator Manager
  4. Operator User
  5. Intergovernmental Satellite Organization Manager
  6. Intergovernmental Satellite Organization User

 See User Categories for more details.​

How to use e-Submission

​Users who have access rights to the system can log in, upload and submit filings from Operator to Administrations or from Administrations to BR.

See How to use e-Submission for more details.​

Sytem Update Information

e-Submission will keep to be updated and new functionalities will be implemented for users' convinience.
See System Update Information for new functionalities for each update.

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User Support

​If you have questions or any difficulties on the system, please refer to FAQ page for your help, or please contact helpdesk (email: or the hotline (telephone +41 22 730 6777, from 09:00 to 17:00 hours, Geneva time) .​

See User Support page​​ for more details.​