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Document Submission

1. How can I submit my documents electronically to the TSB?

You can submit documents electronically to TSB using either of the following methods:

A. Direct Document Posting TIES account required.

Register and upload a document to:
B. By E-mail

Send an e-mail directly to the Study Group secretariat with the file attached to the mail. 2. Guidelines / Helpful Hints when submitting documents

Standard fonts, such as Arial and Times New Roman, should preferably be used, especially for authors using non-Latin versions of the word processor.

ITU currently uses Word for Windows 2007 as its standard word processing package. Although the use of Word for Windows 2007 is recommended, documents submitted in other formats and versions of MS Word can be accepted, subject to taking certain precautions which will reduce conversion problems. When submitting a document in a format other than Word 2007, submitters are requested to also provide a PDF file. This is particularly important if the submitted document contains "fields, graphics, revision marks, etc". Though this is not obligatory, it would be very helpful in producing an accurate conversion of the file.

When submitting a document which contains figures, it is highly recommended that the figures be created using a graphic software and inserted into the document rather than creating the figure using the default Picture Editor in Word. Drawings made using Picture Editor do not convert properly in different versions Word for Windows and in some cases, the figures do not appear at all. In cases where the author has used the Picture Editor, the author must ensure that all the elements or "objects" in the figure are grouped (defined as one figure) to avoid objects being re-aligned when the margins or paper size are modified.

3. How do I know if my document has been received by TSB?

The TSB will send the confirmation to the sender (not necessarily the author) of the document submitted by email. If multiple documents have been submitted to the TSB by one sender, only the sender will receive the confirmation so in cases where company contributions have been sent through the central focal person in the country or administration, please refer to your company's focal person to check if the file has been received by the TSB.

4. Where can I find the standard Study Group document templates?

The standard document templates used by the different Study Groups may be found at the Study Group's home page at under the item ITU-T Templates. The templates are stored in Word for Windows 2003 and 2007.