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connect-l.gifA message from our Director, Malcolm Johnson:
"ITU-T is justly proud to be the world’s leading developer of standards for information and communication technologies (ICT). We are unique among standards bodies in that as well as the private sector members that drive much of our work, governments from around the world also participate.

Membership allows for unparalleled networking opportunities with the best talent in the industry - representatives of over 700 private sector entities - as well as 193 governments and their regulators. 
Participation in the ITU standards process gives direct influence over the technological forces that are shaping the ICT industry. Taking part will help to ensure that your products are safe, reliable and compatible on a global scale."

ITU-T’s secretariat will be happy to answer any of your questions on how we can meet your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.
Malcolm Johnson
ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau

What's new

Pulse delegation with Malcolm.jpg

Pulse Company Ltd. senior management with   TSB Director, Malcolm Johnson. 
Pulse Company Ltd. delegation visits ITU headquarters
The senior management of Sudanese ITU-T Sector Member, Pulse Company Ltd., recently visited ITU's headquarters to discuss a number of key work areas, including how to further engage in the general activities of ITU-T.
SAP AG joins ITU-T!
SAP AG has joined ITU-T as a Sector Member.
"We look forward to developing partnerships and sharing our technological expertise and work with the private and public sector worldwide to the incredibly important goal of ensuring interoperable global standards for the ICT industry"
Howard Stevens, Global general manager, SAP Telecom Business Unit. Read more​​​​

Membership Highlights

Universities can join ITU-T
ITU has introduced a new category of membership for academia, universities and research institutes. Read more in our brochure.

ITU-T reaches out to companies a​nd universities in developing countries :
Companies in low-income countries can join at the annual cost of CHF 3,975.
Universities in all developing countries can join ITU-T at the annual cost of CHF 1,987

Fellowships are provided to delegates from low-income countries to support their participation in ITU-T meetings.
Learn more about the services offered to delegates from developing countries here.